READERS DISCUSS: Castrating Australia's paedophiles

Readers discuss castration of paedophiles in Australia after news Indonesia was moving to bring in tough new laws to deal with paedophiles in the country.

Paedophiles in Indonesia could be castrated and microchipped under tough new laws due to be signed within days.

It comes after a 14-year-old schoolgirl was gang-raped and murdered in Sumatra last April.

Do you think Australian paedophiles should be castrated and microchipped?

Kelly Wilson - Unfortunatly chemical castrstion won't change their sexual preference. Bullet would work better & it's cheaper
Eleanor Chandler-Dady - Control preference. Those with a genuine paraphilia for children are usually appalled by it and seek psych help. Those that commit these acts are generally simply after control and the feeling of power.
Kelly Wilson - That's the problem with pedos though isnt it. All of us lose control of our lives at some point & when a pedo does its an innocent child that pays the price.
Ray Housman - my thoughts exactly
Mary Carnell - And who will enforce seems to me that the judges think it's ok to harm children because of the sentences handed down to these makes a lot of people ask whether the judges are part of the pedophile ring....I believe a bullet would be the better option
Thaao Crew - why waste money on a bullet a rope is more economically sound and its reusable
Mary Carnell - Thaao Crew you have a point there
Mic Brans - If they gave them longer sentences then they would likely murder their victims and hide the body. Currently we all know who they are, the ones that have been caught, and the police are keeping an eye on them.
That info should be readily available though. I'd like to know if those types of people are living near me
Samy Killeen - I see where you are coming from mic but so many of these whackos get out and repeat offend
Jodie Holznagel - NO! I think they should be put to death! Straight up! Castrating them doesn't stop their thoughts and ideas!!!! They will just think of some other way to carry out their sick fantasies!!!!
Chamay Brown - Exactly! No place in the world for them and they're just a waste of money.
Tracey Renee - Casteration has scientifically be proven to have no to minimal affect. What point is casterstion anyways...They've already done the damage and stolen innocence. Lock them up for life and let other prisoners sort them out.
Adam Doig - No protection either straight into Gen Pop
Ben Reeson - No, because that is really not ok. Just as we don't have the death penalty or medieval abuse & torture, etc. We have jail for a reason.
Harley Komene - It doesn't work clearly.
So many "rehabilitated" pedos reoffend. There's no need for such hideous creatures to be walking alongside us.
Ben Reeson - So don't let them out?
Harley Komene - So why should my tax money pay for them to live the rest of their pathetic lives?
Mic Brans - Agreed with you all, but your tax dollars keep your and my kids safe, by keeping the monsters locked up
Ben Reeson - And I am ok with that. We're not savages, we don't kill people for crimes, they do have to pay a cost though and jail is that.

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