READERS DISCUSS: Central Queensland's recycling habits

"... we seem to have gotten a bit lazier and our contamination rate probably puts us as one of the worst areas in the country," Rockhampton councillor Neil Fisher said discussing the high number of baled contaminated waste at the recycling centre.

The Bulletin asked readers: Do you know what is allowed to go in recycling bins? What items have you seen people put in that are not recyclable?

  • Mitch Crane - Im sure a lot of the time people just don't realise they're not doing things correctly. I'm always stunned by the number of people that don't know you can't recycle plastic bags or that you have to clean your bottles or they can't use them. I'm sure RRC will work on increasing education and information in the near future
  • Wendy Ryan - Horrible that people just dont understand whats rubbish and recycling.
  • Rachel Lamb - We sort our rubbish but when we take it to the transfer station, a lot of the time, the recycle bins are already full to overflowing and the RRC staff tell us to just dump our recyclables into the general waste bins.... very disappointing.
  • Evelin Macaskill - Agreed Rachel we can fill our recycling bin twice as fast as our general waist I think recycling should be picked up weekly and general waist fortnightly
  • Hayley Riley - It's hard with a family of 10 fortnighty General waist pick up would not be practical
  • Debbie Bryant - Does not surprise me. I suspect that if some households fill their normal bin then they just put rubbish in the recycling one.
  • Christine Cullen - What a shame that people don't understand the implications of not recycling. It's frustrating that so much money has been put into providing the opportunity to recycle, yet so many people are too lazy and unmotivated to utilise it.
  • Sandy Graham - Perhaps if dump fees weren't so rediculously high people wouldn't try to 'cram' as much as they can in the weekly or fortnightly bin pickup that is part of rates.
  • Nellie Lovegrove - This matter needs to be aired on TV as regular as the ads in between the movies to remind people the rate fee they pay can increase by recycling the wrong things. Fees and more expense are always best scarecrow to make some people to do the right thing.
  • Adam Cook - people know what to do and most would do the right thing if it wasn't so expensive to dump extra waste at the dump
  • Emma Tresize - Why don't we create a program where people have a direct incentive to recycle. Why not something like WA/SA who offer 5c per recycled item.

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