READERS DISCUSS: Changes to driving tests in Queensland

LEARNER drivers have almost a 50-50 chance of failing Queensland's tough new driving test that rolls out today - and it will cost up to $230 each time they re-sit the exam.

What do you think of the new test?

Here are some of the comments readers posted on Facebook on the weekend:

  • Leyland Barnett - I welcome the changes, particularly zero tolerance for speeding, however I believe that more can be done with the licensing system. The high speed manuevres and the targeting of high risk tasks, like turning across a line of traffic is great, however is 30 minutes enough to assess if a driver will be safe on our roads? The manuevres such as reverse parks, turn arounds, u-turns etc will be reduced from 3 manuevre to 2 manuevres. The costs are high as it costs a lot to operate a motor vehicle. Costs of fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs add to the costs of learning to drive, however the cost of an accident or losing a life is far greater to the community. I go with D) Other, further improvements required as in testing time durations.
  • Belinda Buckenham - Leyland do you think by increasing the price and making tests harder might increase the numbers of unlicensed drivers?
  • Leyland Barnett - If some people think it is pointless going for a driving test because it is too hard or costly, then it may lead into an increase of unlicenced drivers.
  • Katie Reid - Sasha. Too hard, too expensive. Already 100 hours log book is plenty. They ARE taught emergency braking, defensive driving etc. too many young people being held back in life. Not everyone has $$$ or parents to fund them so disadvantaged people are further disadvantaged.
  • Jason Roberts - Too bad. If they can't afford it, then they can't afford a car. A car is not a right to own.
  • Cyrus Bharda - That is right Jason! Can't the poor just buy more money, and not be poor! Let them eat cake!
  • Paul Jansen - Log books are crap!! So easy to fake and very few are taught emergency braking and defensive driving learner trainers don't teach that
  • Cyrus Bharda - All they are taught is how to pass the test, not how to drive.......
  • Sasha Aeron - Yes but we are capable of passing the test. Which means we know how to drive. Next objection?
  • Roché Botha - It is because more than half of you can't drive properly and cause unnecessary accidents
  • Kerry Lee - "things like reverse parking and three-point turns will be surprise add ons" These aren't already in the test??? Can clearly remember doing them in my test years ago - A hill start and 3 point turn on a lane that was narrow and almost verticle on The Range, and reverse and angle parking on Quay Street. Sounds like we need to make the practical driving test harder - but a LOT less expensive. Just not right young people have to pay so much. How on earth are they supposed to find the money for this? Just getting harder and harder for today's youth to get ahead. And its the attitude and beliefs of young drivers that need to addressed. They just don't have the life experience to see danger and consequences, and only education can change that. Just like education has changed the attitude towards smoking...Making them pay $100's just to sit their licence is not helping at all. It should be cheap, so having a couple of goes at it to improve their learning would be encouraged.

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Learner drivers have almost a 50-50 chance of failing Queensland's tough new driving test that rolls out on Monday - and...

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Friday, 26 June 2015

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