READERS DISCUSS: Drag racing possibilities in fog

POLICE were on the look out for two utes reported to be doing 180km/hr in 60km zones yesterday morning and a cyclist has been taken to Rockhampton hospital after a collision with a truck.

The Bulletin asked readers to drive carefully in the foggy conditions this morning.

Readers comments:

  • Ros Lacey McClintock - Doing 180 in fog like this or at any time, they don't deserve a car or a licence.
  • Darryl Hutchinson - take there cars off them and put them in an auction
  • Renee Cullen - They were reported doing 180 just out of curiosity did police see this them self's or was it someone reporting it?? Not good that they are doing this at!
  • Kris Maddison - Take there licences of them for good and crush there cars
  • Matthew Maguire - So they were detected by police doing these speeds or is this a typical Rocky story where the "fish was this big" and it turned out to be a guppy?
  • Stacey Sanders - Everyone knows Friday mornings not race time. How ammature are these guys??
  • Thomas Waerner - Not a good start to a Friday!
  • Karyn Hiko-Robinson - Unbelievable!!
  • Belinda Leah Vaughan - Idiots
  • Katie Reid - In this fog? I was flat out doing 60??!!