READERS DISCUSS: Giving way to buses pulling into traffic

POLICE have dispelled the myths surrounding the act of giving way to school and public buses for this week's Road Rule Rumours column.

And officers can in fact book drivers for failing to let a bus take off first from the side of the road.

The Bulletin asked Facebook followers: Is giving way to buses courtesy or the law?

Here are some responses:

Nikki Welsh - Does it really matter? They pull out in front of you whether your giving way or not!!!!
Christine Bath - You should give way
Nikki Welsh - I do give way, when they have a blinker on! But half the time your right beside them and they decide its a good time to pull out.
Rhonda Muldoon - It is the law that is why that give way to bus sign is on the back of the buses.
Darryl Whyte - On saying that it's law bus drivers also need to give way to the cars that are 2/3 the way along the bus before pulling out forcing people into oncoming traffic. These are drivers who don't use there blinkers before they pull out.
Lisa Alexander - Must be law if they display that government issued give way sign
Tony Prince - it is the law, but some people don't seem to understand it and they don't really bother giving way to the buses...
Peter Jaggard - Yes, you must give way to buses displaying the sign but, the bus must indicate for a minimum of 5 seconds before moving to allow traffic to safely give way. Although this is law I have yet to see a bus signal for 5 sec before pullying out. This is another reason to have a dash cam so that you can prove it is not your fault should an inciden occur.
Sara Petersen - Yes it's the law to give way but it's also a hazard when they just pull straight out when you're pretty much beside them in the lane they are pulling into. Don't know how many times I've had to slam the breaks on to avoid a crash because a bus has nearly slammed into the side of me, especially seeing as most of them don't even bother with the blinker. On a busy road that also serves as a state highway, they should still be checking to make sure they aren't gping to hit someone and to use their blinker, giving time to allow cars to see that they are coming onto the road.
Troy Scharer - Law and courteous they are bigger
Megan Cosgrove - It's law.
BUT buses also cannot just wack on their indicator as they accelerate into traffic like most do. They have to give way to vehicles that are already along side them.
Belinda O'Mara - It's the law if they have there indicator on but most don't indicate and just pull out


Read more of the discussion here:

Is giving way to buses courtesy or the law?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Friday, 5 June 2015

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