READERS DISCUSS: Going slow in overtaking lanes on roads

STUCK on the highway behind someone driving slow outside of the left lane?

Why don't police do something about people like this?

The most recent data from Queensland Police Service shows 595 people copped fines for "driving in the right lane on a multi-lane road without a reasonable excuse".

What readers had to say:

  • Rhonda Muldoon - There aren't many that actually keep to the 60k speed limit on Gladstone Rd, there are a few that do under it but there are heaps more that do well over it. I sit on 60k until the 70k zone and people are always overtaking whether I'm in the left or right lane. I agree that people shouldn't be doing 40k in either lanes. There are many that do not stick to the 60k limit on the new Yeppen Bridge. The old Yeppen is 70k which is good. I wish people would do the 70k limit on Yaamba Rd too.
  • Ryan Mathew Newport - It's so frustrating, driving out on Gladstone rd or heading up yaamba road and 2 cars driving side by side holding back the flow of traffic most often doing well under the speed limit, the rule should apply to all roads even if they are under 80kph.
  • Azara Goodson - the law only kicks in at 80km/h but i agree it would be nice if your going slower to stick over and let others through. police would have a bigger money pit in CQ they went for tail-gaters
  • Susan Tanner - 100% agree Ryan. Yaamba Rd drives me absolutely insane. Do the speed limit or be courteous and move to the left lane. Some people think they need to hijack the right the whole way from shopping fair because they are turning off at Yeppoon (feels like that anyway!).
  • Adam Cook - keep left unless overtaking is not applicable in built up areas where the speed limit is less then 80km/h. as annoying as it is they are actually not breaking the law
  • Grego MCcormack - They do 60 on yaamba rd it drives me crazy
  • Michael Szabo - i have been booked more than once from speeding up to overtake, the last time was for passing a b-double on a clear road so now i sit on the speed limit in either lane, you must not exceed the speed limit when passing so i therefore cannot be impeedingv anyone
  • David Couper - Fine those idiots that travel at 85-90 kph on the open highway, then when they get to passing lanes speed up to 100-105. There are lots of them and they probably cause more headons than you realize.
  • Amy Burgess - A refresher on keeping left. If 90km/h or over, keep left unless overtaking, turning right, U turn, avoiding an obstacle or driving in congested traffic. Same rules apply if in a 80km/h area if signed KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING. Driving on many main roads throughout Rockhampton which are 60 or 70km/h - it is fine to drive in either lane.
  • Chris Johnson - Yaamba Rd is the worst. So fed up with people doing 40-60km/hr in the 70 zone blocking both lanes or on their phones. Yes, book them.
  • Jason Roberts - legal to use any lanes at 80kph or under. These overtaking lanes, do I bother pulling to the left after overtaking just as the OTing lane is ending.
  • Julie Evans - The absolute worse culprits are Brisbane drivers!! Think you have it bad in Rocky - try driving on the freeways around Brisbane !!
  • Karen Ricks - if it is legal to do 80k in the right lane jason, then why are there signs saying please keep to the left if not overtaking. the double lanes were made to improve the flow of traffic. the speed limit is 100km an hour on the way to yeppoon and 110 km when you are overtaking in the right lane. the right lane is not for normal traffic flow, it was implemented specifically for overtaking slow traffic, whilst not encouraging speeding.
  • Azara Goodson - Karen the speed limit is only 100m/h if you are over taking that means no faster then 100
  • sure we all go faster when we over take (i believe it is safer to pass faster) but the law is the law the limit is only 100
  • Karen Ricks - 10% of the speed limit when you overtake
  • Karen Ricks - and you pass and go back into the left lane, you dont cruise in the overtaking lane impeding traffic.
  • Azara Goodson - You are correct about the right lane its only for overtaking and turning right not cruzing holding up traffic, but the limit is the same in all lanes, on a higway your 10% rule is not a law in Qld, the limit is the limit no faster.. 100 zone is 100 e...See More
  • Karen Ricks - oh my god ! people do it on the yeppoon road all the time..... they sit in the overtaking land doing 90 k, and one even tried to force me off the road when i passed them in the left lane frown emoticon
  • Kim Shannon - According to Qld Transport for all those people spouting their "facts". Just follow the freakin rules.
  • Chris Sinclair - No ,easier to get revenue from Constable Kodak.

STUCK on the highway behind someone driving slow outside of the left lane?Why don't police do something about people...

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Sunday, 21 June 2015

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