READERS have been discussing Cyclone Marcia compared to Cyclone Yasi after reports the Prime Minister said Marcia wasn't as bad as Yasi.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad told Queensland Parliament the comments were in the prime minister's letter announcing $27.75 million in recovery funding for central Queensland. Read about that here: Claims Prime Minister says Marcia not as bad as Yasi

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"I lived in Townsville for years and yes I did see the devastation of yasi and larry I've also seen devastation from prior cyclones not as widespread but none the less still as devastating. I'm far from living in the dream land u think I am. I was out on a chainsaw when not working helping out not only in town but in marmor as well. Byfield was the same as in tree wise with it cut off for a week also. Yes it does take time and effort. But infustructure ( botanical and kershaw gardens mt archer ) take a lot of money and resources. Some obviously don't realise how costly that is," Peter Turner posted on The Bulletin Facebook page this morning.

"How can you compare one cyclone to another? That would be like comparing the roads in the north to the south of the state," Christine Frater said.

Meanwhile, Keith Tennent was so annoyed by the claims about Prime Minster Tony Abbott claiming Marcia not being as big as Yasi or Oswald, he wrote a Your Story, including a gallery of photos, to show the destruction of Cyclone Marcia at his place: YOUR STORY: Marcia was one of the most severe cyclones

Some readers agreed with Tony Abbott's alleged comments about Marcia.

"Marcia may have been worse for some individuals, but overall Yasi and Oswald delivered far worse and more widespread devastation. I rarely agree with Tony Dumbdumb, but he's got this one right in my opinion," Bronwyn Brosnan said.

"I went through Marcia but I also went up north not long after Yasi working on some farms up there and I would agree that Yasi was worse on a widespread damage scale. What saved people down here was the fact that it hit Byfield first. Yes a lot of people did get significant damage here but with Yasi the damage was significant for most people across a large area. Here we had a small path of damage because the cyclone was not very wide, Yasi was huge. Up north there was farm after farm decimated, sooooo many cows had calved and lost their calves or calves lost their mothers due to flying debris, the time it took for a lot of those people up there to get help was incredible and years after it went trough the insurance jobs are finally finished. It is hard to compare because every storm is different, the terrain is different, the populations of people are different and the businesses are different so some attracted more or less damage. It depends what parameter you are measuring when you say one was worse than the other. Oswald caused huge devastation across a wide area, farmers lost thousands upon thousands if cattle, infrastructure and business, homes were flooded and so were businesses, transport routes were cut for a long time and roads and bridges were smashed. Oswald may have even had a greater damage bill than Marcia or Yasi due to how wide spread the flooding was," Megan Brown said.

Read more comments posted by readers on The Bulletin's Facebook post here:

"I think the people of Rockhampton and Yeppoon would disagree," Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said."Severe Tropical...

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, 2 June 2015

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