READERS DISCUSS: Medical issues with the contraceptive pill

In November, Jayde was diagnosed with generalised anxiety and panic disorder but little did she know that the contraceptive pill she was taking daily was the cause of the illness.R

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The Bulletin asked readers: Have you, or someone you know, ever had any medical problems as a result of contraceptives?

  • Ros Lacey McClintock - I have had the same complication twice with the pill my 1st and 3rd child.
  • Amber Bielenberg - I had serious problems and can never take it again.
  • Kimbaa Maree - I had heaps of issues with the first brand of pill I was on when I was younger, but then I found out my ovaries hate me & was recommended a good pill. Only side effect is being moody before aunt flo arrives. #normalchickprobs
  • Wendy Cantle - Yes after about 9 months on the pill, I got a blood clot in my leg. So no longer able to have the pill.
  • Emily Renae Robb- I'm on the pill and seem perfectly fine I'm healthy i go for a run regulary and I seem fine unsure emoticon I hope this isn't an excuse too many women teenage women getting pregnant.... BecuSe of excuses...
  • Kristy Wolstenholme - Not the pill but daughter had same kind of reaction to depo shot.
  • Joanne Coulter - There are heaps...could write a book on it.
  • Daniel Harkin - Its amazing what they can do to.a person, my EF girlfriend could not havr any contraception at all, because they seemed to mess with her body too much

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