READERS DISCUSS: Private school versus public education

A STUDY released by the University of Melbourne revealed those who attended a private school fared better than their public counterparts.

Based on data collected from 40,000 students, Catholic school students scored, on average, nine ATAR points higher than government school students, while independent school students scored 17 points higher.

However, a separate recent study conducted by three major universities found private school students fared no better in the education system once privileged backgrounds were taken into account.

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The Bulletin asked readers: Which do you think is better: Public or private school? Why?

Valarie Hawkins - Of course you can get just as good education in the State System , I didn't send my kids to private school for the education only the environment , sorry to sound snobby but I have worked in state and private and there is more discipline etc in private schools
Matt Barber - Great job Rockhampton's state schools, achieving equally as well and in some cases higher, than the catholic and private schools in the region.
Keri Henderson - Carmen is right - it's not the school, it's the student! I went to a public school and would much prefer it over a private school. Some parents pay thousands and thousands of dollars for their children to go to a certain school - but personally I think state schools are just as good.
Sonia Donaldson - I honestly don't think the price of some of the private schools is worth it. You can get an OP score from a public school. I would rather save money and pay for their tertiary education.
Lauron Slatter - I think it is if the individual wants to learn, not if it is private or public schooling.
My niece went to North Rocky & is in her first year at UQ Brisbane studying Pharmacy after getting an OP2.
Yas Marsten - If a child wants to excel, they will. You have smart students in both areas of the system as well as students who are poorly behaved in both. It all depends on the individual child...
Christie Brown - public I have found best smile emoticon
I have had my son in private and pulled him out after 2 years.
I have found my son learns more and has better grades in the public school
Jody Bayntun - My children attend private and very happy and had no issues.
Tony Prince - Its up to the student I reckon.... but public school is good so far for my son....
Ainsley Hutchings - I cannot compare. All I do know is the Parkhurst State School is amazing. My child is seeking the knowledge and learning so much. It's clean and a friendly environment. Happy child = even happier parent
Eden Chippendale - You can not make a child something they are not. I went to Catholic and I'm far from Catholic, my mother's choice was she did not want me in the environment her and my father had... I do not regret it. I was in a public primary and I enjoyed it.. I loved school and you make school what you want it to be. I was a student who hated math so you will never get me to listen in a math class but give me an English, agriculture and PE class and I will listen and strive. I am not a private or public you send your child to a school where they are getting good results and are happy. If i was sent yo grammar and forced to do an OP i would not handle that.
Karyn Hiko-Robinson - I have 2 that attend a private school. I have found that they are not getting lost in the system and their grades are better then what they were when they were in a public school. But thats just my opinion
Christie Brown - my sons grades are excellent since moving him to public school smile emoticon
Karyn Hiko-Robinson - Thats great my 2 lil humans was failing at a great rate as well as having developed some peer bullying. Since i moved them into a private school, grades are great and they are striving! A whole different change of surroundings will do anyone wonders a different approach to how they are been taught works too. But hey, kids are kids. Each of them unique to their own needs.

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Which do you think is better: Public or private school? Why?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Sunday, 7 June 2015

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