READERS DISCUSS: Rego rise of 3.5% in Queensland

BAD news for Queensland registration costs are set to rise by 3.5%:

Here are some of the comments readers posted on Facebook about the rise:

  • Katie Burnham - We pay the most registration costs out of Australia and our roads are still possibly the worst! Not to mention that we also pay money towards the roads in our rates as well. And we also get charged extra for paying 6 monthly! This is getting ridiculous and it's not going to get any better 🏻
  • Sara Kelly - Hi you go down south or up north and the roads are so much better then anywhere in cq. I'm with you all the way fix our roads with all the money we have to pay towards them, then maybe we would be ok with the price rise.
  • Katie Burnham - The registration goes up every 6 months and I don't see any changes in the road conditions, still pot holes everywhere and I'm sure it's like that in a lot of regional areas. Instead, you get past Gympie and the roads are smooth sailing. Put the money where it's needed and then it'll be fine.
  • Anita Louise - Don't get the roads fixed and don't even get a sticker to prove you paid for something anymore either
  • Matthew Schirmer - Wow another loss to already struggling familys
  • Gina Burke - And why don't cyclists have to pay to use the roads ?
  • Phil Twiner - Why don't pedestrians have to pay to use the roads?
  • Robyn Brown - When bike lanes are provided on every road and maintained I'll be happy to pay for it.
  • Daniel Rod Colley - Pedestrians don't use the road

They have footpaths
It's there stupid fault to use the road.

Cyclists should be paying rego as they have a bike lane on the road!!
You don't see a walking lane do you ?

Zebra crossing don't count

  • Trevor Hill - If you ride a bike you wouldn't have to pay rego either
  • Join in its great
  • Gina Burke - Hey Trevor , if everybody rode bikes and no one paid rego, the road wouldn't be fixed and you'd have no where to ride.
  • Carl Stjernqvist - Pushies don't put any wear and tear on the surface whereas constant streams of vehicles do.
  • Adam Cashman - Hey Gina that y the make mountain bikes so we can smile emoticon
  • Rhonda Muldoon - Because many of them do pay car registrations.
  • Paul Vonhoff - I have 2 cars and 6 bikes, I pay enough rego and fuel tax to fund road construction and maintenance.
  • Leigh Palmer - Seams to me rego does not pay for the roads that much? As a cyclist I would be happy to pay rego but I don't think it would work or change people's perspective on cyclists.

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Bad news for Queensland registration costs are set to rise by 3.5%: What do you think about this?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, 2 June 2015

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