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READERS DISCUSS: Road rules on Moores Creek roundabout

David Stuart

THIS week, The Bulletin started a new feature - traffic report - where we ask readers to share their reports on Thursday morning for use online for all motorists.

Jennifer Kelly raised an interesting issue TMB thought readers could discuss:

Sorry Not relevant to this post but Moores creek roundabout is full of near misses everyday people need to learn what lane they should be in.

  • Bec Ward - And learn to indicate properly. No need to indicate right, if your going straight.
  • Leyland Barnett - A lot of people cant read the road markings..Road markings provide ample warning of what lane you should use, leading up to a roundabout like the Moores creek roundabout...
  • Bec Ward - Roundabouts (Department of Transport and Main Roads) Contains common questions and answers about... Something everyone in rocky needs to read/ watch
  • Bec Ward - Not that I'm perfect, I cant park
  • Debbie Maclean - Love your honesty don't worry sweetie many others can't either.
  • Gwen Sowden - Love this one, as I'm sick and tired of driving behind people on the Feez street roundabout on the outside lane who are going straight through yet they indicate right????? If you want to drive straight ahead on a roundabout, you approach without signalling. But, make sure you signal left as you exit and turn your indicator off after you've left the roundabout"
  • Clint Ryan - Still need to indicate when exiting whether its a left turn, straight through or right turn.
  • Ian Paull - Still need to indicate right when entering from the outside lane, then indicate left to exit, when Goin straight through!
  • Sharron Payne - The roundabout is fine if you pause long enough to see a persons indicator. I travel that way twice a day and have a near miss probably once a week. It's usually when I'm going straight through from the middle lane and people to my left assume I am turning right even though I indicate to exit. Patience people. Slow down and look.
  • Nathan Grindlay - when is the council going to relay upper dawson road? it gets a massive amount of traffic and is rough as guts damaging cars suspension
  • Jim Litzow - I dont like those double lane double entry and exit lanes.thought the rules say you gotta be in the outer lane to exit but they are marked there you can exit the inner lane in front of a driver on the outer lane.
  • Janet Mears - This is my comment from Jennifer Kelly's post the morning: "Needs the signs and road markings sorted out. If I am in the inside lane coming from Norman Gardens on Moores creek road and turn into Feez street, traffic from the town side of Moores Creek road can take the outside lane and go past Feez street, cutting me off or me turning in front of them...if you know what I mean. Neither are in the wrong according to the signs and markings." I have just watched the video above. The signs on the road are correct, the problem that I have there is the drivers that come from the town end entrance that are in the left hand lane going straight ahead along Moores Creek road and nearly slam into me when I turn into Feez street. Clearly they are not giving way to me but they honk their horns like i have done something wrong. Good to know that I haven't but still don't want to be in an accident. A couple of times when I hear their horn I just circle the roundabout and have another go.
  • Amanda Smith - Or those idiots that are in the centre lane then choose to change to the outside lane and cut person off that is just going left! Happens all the time.
  • David Higgins - Pretty sure vehicles entering the roundabout need to give way to vehicles on the roundabout, egardless of the lane they are in. I might go another way tomorrow, just to dodge most here that have no idea of the rules.
  • Melody Gee - I live right next to this roundabout and use it on a daily basis. I can vouch for all these concerns as I see them every day.
  • Donna Roberts - agree I have been on a near miss myself..
  • Travis Diegutis - It's not a race people. Slow down drive to the conditions. It works well.
  • Naomi Douglas - Simple....give way to traffic already on the round about, regardless of which lane they are in. And exit in the lane you entered the round about in.
  • Jim Mac - It also needs drivers to be patient - wait a second or two - save your precious car - maybe your life!
  • Debbie Maclean - Why aren't there traffic lights there. ? It is one of the busiest intersections. I dodge that area like the plague if possible.
  • Jim Litzow - That is the best idea ive heard for that round about.would avoid all confusion


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