READERS DISCUSS: Talkable topics for those long sessions

WE ALL have a topic or two that we could talk about for hours on end.

The Bulletin asked readers what topics they could talk about all day long.

Here are their responses:

Lisa Rumpf - Smurfs....

Melissa Putman - Travelling... Internationally of course...
Can't get enough of it

No Caption
No Caption

Debbie Hawe - Books. Wish I was in a book club.

Maria Kalpaxis - How the government is backwards. Why do they provide rental assistance but if you have a mortgage which is a higher cost of living you get nothing.
Why do they let people get long term benefits and not put an out into compulsory military training.
Why did they pay people to study but not follow up with the completion of their course wasting millions of tax payers money.
Oh don't get me started.
What about parental alienation.
Legal Aid what a joke guys.
Why doesn't gov step in and force solicitors to cap their fees. I bet they will go straight to getting results rather than playing the game for years.
Equal rights means equal rights no arguing.

altrendo images

Amy Shepherd - Anything! I'm a chatterbox. Lol


Andy Latimer - My pets aka my babies

pets are easy to talk about
pets are easy to talk about Ljupco
Katie Fedosenko

Stacey Maguire - Travelling and hockey. Love them both.

Angela C Williams - Travelling smile emoticon

Jetsetting around the world
Jetsetting around the world Tony Martin

Awhina J Williams - Traveling around the world and our beautiful country! I would love to see the world and of course Australia first

The warm heart of your land
The warm heart of your land

Maria Finlay-Frenken - travelling around this wonderful country we call 'home'.

Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef Jenny Munro

Carly Goody - Fabric, sewing, my business, and my little girl

Sewing. Scottie Simmonds

Ronald Girdler - RC cars!!!

remote control car
remote control car Tom Huntley GLA210413CARS

Kylie Husmann - Martial arts

Martial arts
Martial arts Alistair Brightman

Donna Maree - Why Android phones make me more happy than they probably should.

Adam Gee - Kayaks and kayak fishing.

Mikayla Ryan - Art smile emoticon

Warren Lynam

Jennifer Jones-neeDunbavan - Food?

food Contributed

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RANDOM QUESTION: What is something you could talk about all day? Like you could talk someone's ear off about it if they'd let you.

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, 16 June 2015

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