READERS DISCUSS: What age to talk to children about suicide?

JOE Daly believes it's time to start a conversation about youth suicide.

A typically touchy and taboo subject, Joe said it was something parents needed to be open about with their children.

The Capricorn Coast man's comments come after a Sydney school last week informed its students and wider community about the suspected suicide of a girl in Year 8.

Joe told The Morning Bulletin that starting a conversation about youth suicide was a positive step for schools, students and parents.

The Bulletin asked readers: What is the youngest age you think we should be talking to our children about suicide? What would you say to them about suicide?

  • Trudi Holland - At any age! As a youth worker the youngest I've known to commit suicide is 11!
  • Karma Campbell - That's so tragic
  • Anita Louise - I'm not a mum (yet) but I believe it is a difficult subject to talk about with anyone, any age
  • Amanda Metcalfe - Any age - As early as they are able to understand. Age appropriate discussions give the children a chance to learn and understand the impact their actions and words can some times have on people. It also gives them a chance to reach out for help should they be going through some dark times themselves.
  • Gayle Vea Vea - I know of a 8yr old who took his life so as young as possible..
  • Amanda Danda Williams - When the subject comes up. Placing ideas into someone's mine is just as deadly.
  • Heidi Carter  -Any age and also talk to them about effects it can have on them if a loved one commits suicide.
  • Tara Maskell - Any age
  • Joanna Palmer - I think way before high school.
  • Tegan Churchill - Around the time that the hormones start kicking in (or earlier if like Katie you have someone close to you attempt or commit suicide). I know for myself, once the hormones started kicking in properly that I would become suicidal in the lead up and during my period. Even as an adult I struggled with this, which thankfully is controlled with hormone contraception.
  • Karma Campbell - Right from word go... your body is precious look after it.. God says tho shalt not kill.. he means thyself first!!
  • Nekina Mary-Ann Whap - I talk very openly about suicide on my 'say no to bullying page' as a result of bullying to raise awareness. I say to youths to talk their friends&to look for the signs, if they are depressed and to tell others. I think the appropiate age is from 11 and up.
  • Katie-Maree Cornick - My son is 7 n we told him only cause a mate of ours committed suicide this yr
  • Kimbaa Maree - I think around Yr5/6 just before hitting high school. Problems with bullying rise immensely around about then & the way things are going it would be a great idea to do something about awareness etc. in regards to suicide.

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