READERS DISCUSS: Worst punishments handed as children

THERE'S no doubt many of us have one memory of a serve punishment (often well-deserved) from our childhood.

The Bulletin asked readers what was the worst punishment they were handed as a child.

It came as no surprise as soap in the mouth, jug cord, groundings and the cane were common responses.

The Mulberry bush and cactus garden responses are unique.

Jodie Hewatt - That horrid black jug cord...

Beth Ford - Soap in the mouth!

Malcolm Howie - Being told "wait till your father gets home" I had to go through the rest of the day in trepidation knowing what was coming.

Dora Huth - I remember Mum making us pick our own stick off of the Mulberry tree to be flogged with. We soon learnt the really thin ones weren't the best choice lol.... I hold no resentment toward Mum for the beltings I recieved as they were usually warranted, as we were a terrible bunch. Who we were and what we did were 2 different things, she punished our actions not us, once the belting was over, that was it... none of this going on for hours or days about what horrible people we were... Love her to bits and miss her like crazy

Ryan Turnbull - The cane across the hands at boarding school... hurt like a mother f $#ker

Nessy Eyles - That woven kettle cord off grandma and a tablespoon of cod liver oil

Darryl Hutchinson - the leather strap kids these days wouldn't understand it thats why there got no respect

Janice Pilditch - Had to scrub the black soot off the walls and ceiling for 3 weeks after nearly burning down the house when I was 12 or 13.

Jamie Roos - Leather belt ,length of bamboo or being grounded at home with the stepmother. Cayenne pepper at first but that backfired once I started to like spicy food

Keryn Rudd - My mum used to make us take the wheelbarrow and fill it with horse manure for her garden.

Albie Davis - Forced to eat meat. I couldn't swallow it as I hated it. Sat for hours with it in my mouth until I swallowed it, which I never did.

Crystal Jones - In grade 4 at a catholic school.. my teacher went mental at me (cant remember what for) and lifted up my chin with a 30cm wooden ruler and snaped it under my chin. It hurt my neck and throat.

Kylie Husmann - Put outside with nothing at sand fly time

Janice McCamley - The jockey whip.

Ann Armstrong - Dad banging our heads together if we fought

Rebecca Doak - I complained that it hurt when my mum brushed my long hair so she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it all off ='

Aliesha Smith - Weeding the cactus garden

Collette Williamson - My sister and I were threatened with being sent to the orphanage,so glad we weren't sent!!

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RANDOM QUESTION: What was the worst punishment you were handed as a child?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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