Readers split over plan to film Struggle Street in Ipswich

QT readers appear divided about plans by SBS to film a second season of its controversial reality TV show Struggle Street in parts of Ipswich.

Mayor Paul Pisasale and a host of other politicians have already come out against the series being filmed here, with the Pisasale adding: "This is not about reality TV, this is about real people needing help, so forget it."

However an online poll published on the QT website yesterday had readers split on whether the show was a good or bad thing for the region.

The poll also reflected the comments on QT's social media site and website.

On QT Facebook Shall Be wrote: "Time to sue them for defamation. I hate that a TV show profits from a vulnerable minority.

"Ipswich is a great city and has a legendary Mayor safeguarding it. Struggle street is a backwards approach to all that everyone works to within their community.

"These minority groups are everywhere. Why doesn't TV look more toward presenting stories showing people overcoming their obstacles, addiction, poverty cycle and present stories to inspire and provide hope for the vulnerable?"

Maureen Clifford also came out in support of the Mayor: "Good for you Paul - we don't need any negativity for our wonderful city we have enough naysayers who live here frown emoticon who don't appreciate how good it is.

"Personally I hate this show - it's not about anything other than trying to boost ratings and it always shows the people up and not usually in a good light either."

However there were plenty of readers on the QT website and Facebook page who did not agree with his view.

marymum from Raceview wrote: "Please don't be put off my Paul Pisasale's comments SBS. He only doesn't want you here because he doesn't want the rest of Australia to know the truth about this place. The stuff that goes on here will be of interest to the rest of Australia. You've got it right. Inala and Ipswich are the struggle street areas of Australia.

"Go to Goodna and Riverview. The crime is out of control. The park in Riverview isn't a park after dark, it is a dangerous ghetto type area. A friend of mine lives near the park and has bottles hurled at his house every night from drunks and drug addicts.

"The state government doesn't want you here because they don't put any money into Ipswich and don't want the rest of Australia to know about. It's the government's dirty little secret. Expose the truth. PLEASE! Something finally might get done about the problems if you do!"

And Ipswitchyite from Ipswich added: "I just watched some of Struggle Street to see what it is about and it looks to me that it is more like a documentary exposing how the less fortunate actually live. It also highlights the problems of drugs and unemployment.

"I think it would do well to bring attention to peoples needs and help people understand that those on welfare are not just a bunch of lazy bludgers, but have real issues and needs. I think most of us are ignorant of the reality of those living that way."

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Yes or No: Would you like to see the second season of Struggle Street filmed in Ipswich?

This poll ended on 26 May 2016.

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