READERS DISCUSS: Rabbits deaths allegedly by roaming dogs

A GRACEMERE woman says she returned home on Monday to find her four pet rabbits had been killed by two dogs that had wandered into her yard.

Julie Brads haw - Yes she had rabbits and yes it is illegal to have them. But the point is these dogs killed them. They would also kill Guinea pigs, cats, chickens and not to mention they could even kill a child. They need to be caught and the owners need to be charged.

Melissa Moran - European rabbits (domestic or wild) are a class 2 declared pest in qld and NO you cannot get a special license to keep them at residential properties. Keeping them carries very hefty fines.

Tonya Gent - The dogs should have been at home in their own fences yard. Anything less than that owners should be charged.

Madeleine Perret - The point of this article is that there are 'pet' owners who are not taking proper measures to ensure their animals are contained within the boundaries of their own property. Regardless of what animal they are, they should not be roaming the streets being a nuisance to the rest of the community.


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"I came home to pick up pieces of my rabbits on the ground," a Gracemere woman told The Bulletin.

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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