READERS REACT: What they say about changing abortion laws

INDEPENDENT MP Rob Pyne has tabled a Bill in Queensland parliament today to change laws so it is legal for abortions for women who are up to nine months' pregnant.

Abortion has been illegal in Queensland since 1899, however there is a court precedent from 1986 which allows abortions when there is a risk to the mother's life or health.

Mr Pyne said abortion should not be a crime in 2016.

Reader's comments on Facebook:

Chloe Ellizabeth Williams - I read a story literally a day ago about late term abortions... The baby was given something to kill it, she gave birth and the baby was born alive! And they left it in a room alone until it died!! Disgusting ! If qld ever passes this it will be a disgrace and I will be ashamed to live here!! Grow up qld!!
Debbie Bryant - Dreadful. I struggle to comprehend this. It is murder. We have to fight this.
Debbie Bryant - Tricky. How can you abort a nine month baby? It will be born alive! When does life start? Do we have the right to tell a woman that she has to endure pregnancy and give birth against her will? Every situation is different and I am sure that having an abortion is a woman's last resort and I would imagine would have ongoing emotional consequences. I knew a young lady that had had 2 abortions and was trying for a baby and was having trouble conceiving. So many pros and cons! My gut feeling is that abortion should be legal but there should be very strict guidelines. Every girl should be encouraged to use contraception so she does not have to face this difficult decision.
Billie Fraser - The question is wrong and inflammatory, no doctor would allow an abortion so late unless there was a major health issue, under those circumstances it seems the law needs to allow medical intervention without prosecution, I pity anyone involved in such a decision. Just putting forward the question without relevant information will just bring out opposition and trolls
Karyn Hiko-Robinson - Couldnt agree with you more!!
Renee Page - Oh wow. All depending on the situation. If the baby is extremely deformed, has little chance of surviving, the mother is drug addicted or has an extreme mental illness, maybe she has a husband who has beat her and knows the baby will never be normal. There will be a day where these babies can survive suported by machines and this argument will become null and void.
Renee Page - In normal circumstances i don't believe in abortion at all but the circumstances around abortion are rarely normal. I believe in it mostly on medical terms.
Renee Page - I've never heard of a woman having an abortion just because they don't feel like having a baby. But I'm sure there is women like that.
Tiara Dowdle - I know a few women that would have one if they ever became pregnant just because they don't want a kid... But they still don't use protection either. I think that unless its been cleared by a doctor, it should be allowed
Renee Page - How hard is it to take a pill or use condoms?
Tiara Dowdle - Exactly.
Renee Page - I'll admit I hate condoms with a passion. But unless I've been trying, I've always been on the pill.
Rosey Anteza - Big NO. It takes innocent lives. If killing a normal people is illegal, how about the babies? They are still human with flesh, soul and innocent heart. They have the right to live. And you as a mother, despite of your circumstances in life you should not kill your own child. If you cant take the responsibility, there is always a way. A better way.
Nina Davis - Also, assisted suicide is illegal, and that's even tho the person who wants to die, agrees with it. So how can murdering a full term baby be legal, when they can't speak for themselves?
Tracey Batts - I believe that it should be allowed mothers know whats best of course I'm a mother of 5 and I don't want anymore kids but the hospital wont fix me up cause I was to young to be fixed if you were raped or baby has severe disability or complications then I totally would knowing us as parents don't have to put baby through that everyone has own opinion so I have to agree
Kirsty Powell - You're also an adult quite capable of taking birth control, you don't have to rely on being "fixed" like a dog. This has nothing to do with children conceived as a result of rape or medical issues - these both can be aborted before 12 weeks!Nicky Lonsdale - No way 20 weeks is long enough to decide for either mental/health/financial or medical reasons, if after that you don't want your child put the baby up for adoption
Carolyn Ponicke - No! That would be murder, but my opinion is that life begins at conception so therefore any abortion is murder.
Shell Vitali - No !!!! I think 12 weeks is the cut off period? If you cant decide by then tough!!!! And anyone saying yes wake up to yourself you make me sick!
Kira Cox - No, I believe abortion should only be allowed in medical or criminal circumstances.
Elizabeth Ung - It is legal up to 20 weeks now ..i dont think it should be legal beyond that.
Debbie Bryant - If that is correct than I have to agree. Surely by 20 weeks a woman would have made up her mind. If medical problems arise after the 20 weeks than that has to be looked at. As we have seen recently childbirth is dangerous and should not be entered into lightly.
Sharon Godwin - if there is not a thing wrong with the baby NO WAY.
Kase Louise - My god it's bad enough!!! Little lone 9 months! disgusting!! Shame on whoever makes this decision if this is allowed! Disgusting!!!
Ladies who are raped or have medical issues can abort, upto 12 weeks!! Not 9months!
Kimbaa Maree - No, adopt it out instead. Plenty of couples/families/people who are willing to raise unwanted kids.
Elisha Leggo - There are so many kids now needing permanent foster families and don't have them. Those people should be raising foster kids and not adopting.
Kimbaa Maree - Fostering or adopting. Either way, these kids need someone. It also doesn't help that it's not easy to adopt either. Financially or otherwise.

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