READERS SHARE: School reports for across Capricornia

WITH a cyclone expected to hit the region overnight, many parents are already wondering what is happening with schools today and tomorrow.

A reader asked The Bulletin if there were any closure reports, or event cancellations.

The Bulletin put the question to readers on Facebook to share their school reports: 


Samantha Widt - crescent lagoon will be open

Rosie Spreadborough - Catholic Schools have a pupil free day

Susan Tanner - Heights College is closed tomorrow.

Lara Power - Berserker School staff advised that any possible closures will be advertised on their website.

Cassandra Means - Gracemere State will be open

Stacey Pearce - Allenstown State School is open 


Pam White - I am hearing Allentown school is closed and rockhampton grammer school is also closed today

Lana Gray - Lighthouse Christian School will be closed tomorrow (Friday)

Faz Ayy - Not a school, but Coastal Kids in Emu Park are closed tomorrow due to the cyclone and also because they will be flooded with the tide

Katie Wilkes - Just spoke to Rocky high. A decision will be made by wild education at 2pm today and text message will be sent to parents as to if school will be open tomorrow


Megan Careless - Some schools have a student free day tomorrow.

Tanya M Williams - My Boys bus driver advised me this morning she won't be doing the bus run tomorrow in Raglan.

Debbie Maclean - Back in my dinosaur years..the Red Flag was flown above the East St Post Office, this was the notice that said all schools and businesses were closed. The phone exchange girls notified some people who in turn used the "Party Line" to get the message out. No one was allowed on the streets unless absolutely necessary.

Jo Stoyel  - Sounds more controlled then now :) thanks for sharing

Katie Wilkes - Le smileys in Gracemere posted they will not be opening tomorrow due to cyclone

Nardyne Langdon - Catholic Schools have pupils free day tomorrow in Rocky

Debbie Maclean - The minister of education makes that decision. Labor are governing Qld , its their call as to the closure of schools. Should have made it by now.

Sharon Hill - Rocky High advising after 2pm today. I am not taking my daughter

Trilby Lovison - Emmaus student maybe sent home today, they will advise later. 

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