READERS DISCUSS: Their weird culinary experiences

RANDOM QUESTION: What is the most unusual/rare/weirdest food you've eaten?

Chantal Booth - Testicals

Michelle Wheeler - Have no idea what it was....Beijing Olympics 2008 and one mouthful was enough (pictured)

Kerri Wilson - Battered and deep fried Turtle. Never again!! That does not taste like chicken at all people!

Christie Brown - peanut butter mayonnaise pickles sandwich pregnancy craving lol

Trixie Dee - Taro chips. Also have had puftaloons. Both are very yum

Elsha McCombe - Snapping Turtle (Coota) when in the USA, it wasn't too bad. other than that, just the usual. Camel, emu, kangaroo, buffalo, crocodile, etc

Penny Positive O'Donnell - Jellyfish

Amanda Welburn - I love eating pigs feet, yummy =,

Roseline Lal - Curry goat head yum

Katherine Herring - Horse steak, snails, crumbed sheep brains, Alpaca sausages.

BBQed termites. A cooked fish eye the size of a golf ball...

Alicia Butler - Witchiti grub

Susan Potts - Camel stew.

Naomi McCoombes - Snails

Rebecca Hogg - Deep fried Chicken feet

Keith Burke - Goanna. Wasnt to bad at all.

Kel Robertson - crumbed sheeps brains

Sarah Anne Schulz - Fried snails

Julie Matheson - rocky mountain oysters (also known as calf testicles). also echidna.

James Jeffery - Horse

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