READER'S VIEW: Be a little circumspect regarding the future

WHAT is the difference between regulating the inflow of migrants to Australia as we have always, in the main, generously done and allowing what is happening elsewhere in the world to dictate to us how we are to manage our immigration policy?

We are considered, in all fairness, a multicultural society and to date it has worked quite well considering the diversity of our population.

But the balance could quite easily be upset by trying to accommodate masses of refugees and economic migrants who have a history of reticence towards integration based on religious grounds.

We need to ask ourselves the question, how truly multicultural are many of these countries themselves from whom we are receiving new arrivals?

If the balance shifted away from the norm, could we really anticipate Australia continuing to be a welcoming, tolerant nation?

If those questions are so abstract as to confuse some, I will draw on an analogy from nature.

We live in a truly blessed part of the world with a decent climate, a fine river running through our area and, while sometimes our land gets a little on the dry side, we rejoice when the rains come to refresh it.

This balance, if you will, makes our area what it is and why some of us choose to live here.

But consider if those life-giving rains became a flood that the land could not accommodate.

Chaos ensues and many good and valued elements of our life are washed away and we have to endure the painful process of recovery which for some never comes.

Nature is a little outside our control, which is probably just as well, but our immigration policies should be well considered and equitably enforced.

Basic to all this is mankind's perverse attachment to war and the careless attitudes of those waging war. We should not be the only ones who are required to "love our neighbour".

We are all responsible.

Wilhelm Reich wrote in Listen Little Man in 1946 that "the growth of evil in society is directly connected to the collective will and choices of the common people".

I am one of the common people and am exercising both my will and my choice to offer this. Be a little circumspect regarding the future that we are bequeathing to our children.

A Byrnand


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