READER'S VIEW: Doug is ‘freedom for Australia phobic’

HISTORY is being repeated, welcome back Neville Chamberlain, AKA Malcom Turnbull. Chamberlain refused to recognise Germany as a threat. Chamberlain spoke of how Germany was misunderstood, how the Allies had to embrace the German revolution, jobs, jobs, jobs, more jobs in Germany.

Churchill was vilified as a war monger, of causing trouble by warning of Germany's military might and threatening attitude.

The script today is reading the same. The Left begs for indulgences for the most barbaric murderous spread of terror, all caused by one group, Islam, not just in Syria, but all over the world, and still our leaders assure us that Islam is a religion of peace.

Michelle Landry, we do not want Islamic refugees in our area, wait until they have proved they are not a threat. I am not Islamphobic, I am Safety for My Children Phobic.

This is not racist or Islamphobia, it is a reality concern of a father and grandfather as he watches our government give away what our men gained in Gallipoli, and in France in the wars of long ago, our freedom, and now Michelle, now you want to give it away, invite the very refugees into our home who led France into chaos.

Can you, Michelle, guarantee there won't be any terrorists among this group.

We will welcome anyone, if they declare Jesus is Lord, Rom 10:9, repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Acts 2:38, and Luke 10:25, Love your neighbour as yourself. Any refugees who will follow those principles will be welcome.

Don't give our country away in an attempt to seem "more Christian". Christian is tough love. There are many steps to take to be a Christian and Islam rejects them totally.

I know this will brand me Islamphobic, that is a small price to pay, I am not Islamphobic, I am Freedom for Australia Phobic. The price for our freedom was far too high for us to hand it over in the name of tolerance. Evil will always prosper if we do nothing to stop it.

Doug Belot

Cooee Bay

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