READER'S VIEW: In-house casino on GKI not just under a cover

FOLLOWING today's excellent Editorial (TMB Sat. 24/10) I'm going to touch on an area I feel is misunderstood by those still baying for a casino.

When an "in-house casino" is included in a resort, it doesn't mean that it is under cover and not out under the trees for instance. I think some people think it means it is part of the complex and that's it. Well it is, but it doesn't. It means that you, the holidaymaker/the gambler/the "desperately in need of a break" tourist, must stay on the premises for a minimum of 1 night. That's what in-house means.

So, this is going to be quite an expensive night. If the resort ever gets built to plan, not to be negative but I very much doubt it, the rooms will easily start at $320.

A new resort at Byron Bay has just opened with this starting price, so if the GKI resort isn't built for another 5 years or so you'd be easily looking at $350.

After you get settled in, $100 may cover meal and drinks for just that night if you buy at the cheaper end of the menu, then you've got your play dough to consider.

Hard to put a line under that because human nature bows to temptation to just go that bit further on the roulette wheel. Transport to and from the island may or may not be included, although they'd have a cheek not to.

As I've said before in a letter a few months ago, build it to KISS (keep it simple, stupid) standard and Australians will come, because remember, if the LNP do ever get back in, they are not going to issue a licence to GKI either.

T. Robertson

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