READER'S VIEW: Refugee crisis a planned plot to change world

BECAUSE we have been somewhat overexposed to the so called refugee crisis in Europe that we have been bombarded with each time we turn on the evening news, I have over the past three weeks avoided 'muddying the waters' even further by making comment.

My restraint has run out as I, probably like many others, look to the end of the nightly torment of seeing thousands of displaced people struggling through sea, mud, closed borders, vilification and the loss of loved family members.

There is no way that I cannot be in sympathy with such prolonged suffering even though I believe my emotions are being manipulated by unseen hands which have created this problem and by a consenting and conspiring media. In the past I have brought up the issue of 'all things are not what they seem' and doubtless some readers of this page will sigh and say, "here he goes again"!

But others may be of the view that there is something very suspiciously organized about the present chaos that warrants deeper investigation.

Sometimes we might stumble upon certain truths when we take a 'what if' approach. And so, what if this endless stream of despair and human angst is more than is represented by our TV screens?

What if a faceless influence wants to create chaos in Europe that destabilises that power block so as to render it weak and vulnerable?

Mass immigration is such an emotive subject, what if it is being used to break down law and order that anarchy emerges to finish off the vestiges of democracy in Europe?

What if unseen hands are in fact manipulating countries, banks, military institutions and traditional social order so that something new and totally different is in place when the dust has settled?

And equally sinister and potentially disastrous, what if in those endless lines of straggling, genuine victims, trained young men and women of the terrorist persuasion have been inserted to carry out their apocalyptic orders once they reach their desired target? That's a whole lot of 'what ifs' to contend with.

What if all things are not as they seem on the surface? What if we are being counted upon to be too apathetic to care?

Al Byrnand


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