READER'S VIEW: Rural ratepayers, have your say at ballot box

WITH a council election next year, I would like to ask the people of Livingstone who reside in rural areas how much support they have received from this current Mayor and councillors, and remember it when you cast your vote.

After Marcia, I know I never received any support.

I paid to clear trees from council land that were over my fences, and have still not had our road verge cleaned. A fire hazard now.

The problem I have is two very large gum trees near my boundary fence, but are on council land.

Said gum tree branches ripped my powerline from my house during Marcia, and continually fill my gutters and yard up with bark, leaves and some heavy branches which, if they fell on anyone, would either kill or maim.

So after waiting for everything to settle down, I decided that maybe I could get some help to alleviate this problem, as I am getting too old to be climbing ladders to clean gutters out.

I contacted Mayor and councillors to come and have a look, but only Glenda Mather turned up.

As the tree owner I thought council would have the responsibility to be a good neighbour and corporate citizen, as they encroach severely over my land.

Apparently my request to have these trees trimmed or removed has fallen on deaf ears.

Obviously I am not a tourist who this current regime seems to think more of than the people who pay their wage.

I just hope council's public liability is fully paid up, as if any of my family gets injured from falling branches there won't be a big enough rock for them to hide under.

Again, I urge rural ratepayers, if you can relate to this, to register your dissatisfaction at the ballot box.

Neil Russell


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