READER'S VIEW: Tower, govt should be held to account for GKI

AS SOMEONE who lived and worked on Great Keppel Island in the late '80s, early '90s, I have a very strong connection to this beautiful place.

It is extremely sad to see the lack of care and responsibility that Tower Holdings has taken towards this jewel in the sun.

The State Government has had responsibility for monitoring and upholding lease conditions on the island.

In years gone by, these conditions were strictly monitored and any breaches by a lessee meant that they ran the risk of losing the lease.

This was something that people who lived on the island took seriously.

I am really passionate about this situation and I believe that most people who are supporting Tower Holdings have no idea what their real motives are.

The people who have established OKOF I am sure have done so with the best of intentions, however would be better served by holding Tower Holdings and the State Government to account for failure to uphold the terms of their lease agreement and manage the mess they have left in their wake.

The State Government, both Labor and the Coalition, have been guilty of allowing Tower Holdings to get away with ignoring their responsibilities.

I wish the media would do some responsible, investigative reporting to uncover what is really going on here.

Thanks to Malcolm Wells and Greg Jones for their recent letters in The Morning Bulletin regarding this issue.

Susan Scott


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