READER'S VIEW: Weighing into a meaty subject about traffic

REGARDING the proposed connecting road for cattle trucks from the Neville Hewitt Bridge to Lakes Creek Rd.

There are other options for this.

The cattle industry is going on to road transport and larger trucks so the railing of cattle will die out.

Both meatworks have the facilities to do this.

Looks like they are looking at altering the entrance to Teys at Lakes Creek to allow access to the meatworks side.

I don't see that mentioned (in the beef loop road proposal), but if it occurs, the crossing at Lakes Creek will be altered.

Any person involved in heavy transport will know the proposed connection off the bridge will start well back.

There is an intersection at Knight St/Kershaw Gardens that is already set up with lights etc.

It will require to have upgraded work on it to turn the transport.

This will put the road into an industrial area where there is plenty of room to enlarge and realign the road.

It will need to come out on to Glenmore Rd and an intersection just before Glenmore rail crossing.

This would also involve upgrading the rail crossings for the Lakes Creek rail track and angle, due to limited rail traffic they should check on the removal of the angle crossing.

This would also allow other transport and vehicles to have access to the highway and Glenmore industrial area, Ergon etc.

The old bridge intersection/Fitzroy St will gain by allowing other access to the south.

Tourists (grey nomads) could use it and they would come out in an area where the caravan park is or build a set-up for overnight vans near the Alexandra Bridge; toilets are already there.

Tourists will pull up if promoted correctly.

For them, it would allow access to the walkways into Victoria Pde using the Alexandria Bridge and no need to touch Welch St/Glenmore Rd connections.

A better highway access for all concerned, not just the meatworks and no third river crossing for meatworks access.

These vehicles are long and heavier than what is run now.

Bridges along the route need to be upgraded and width checked for the correct standard, allowing them to cross with other vehicles.

Regarding speed: The road is for the best part 70kmh.

The rules say that any heavy vehicles in a built-up area must be driven so as to pull up safely at traffic lights. This road, in peak times, is a very heavily used and has lights along it.

So the question is, will they only be allowed at certain times?

What speed will they be restricted down to if any?


Darryl Hawker

Norman Gardens

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