NOT FINISHED: Pat Eastwood has declared that he will again be running for the council this election.
NOT FINISHED: Pat Eastwood has declared that he will again be running for the council this election.

Ready to back up for election

AFTER being elected in the Livingstone Shire by-election two years ago, Pat Eastwood is throwing his hat in the ring to continue as a councillor and serve his community.

Mr Eastwood said with two years’ local government experience under his belt, it was fair to say there was a lot to learn when stepping into the office of councillor.

“I believe I will have even more to offer in the next four years due to having served my apprenticeship,” he said.

“Since being a councillor and being an integral part of council deliberations, debate and decision-making, I have also attended the National Local Government Conference in Canberra and the Queensland Local Government Conference in Cairns, learning as I went along and gaining skills to be part of the team that sees our Livingstone Shire prosper.

“I want to represent my community again as an independent, thoughtful decision maker. I have chosen to run again because I feel I have so much more to give and coming in halfway through the term, I feel that I have only just begun to make an impact with my vote at the table.

“It is my commitment to Livingstone and the people that voted for me that helps motivate me. This is the third campaign for council I have run in four years. I wish to invest further into the community that has invested in me.”

Mr Eastwood has been a well-known face around the Shire since moving in 2002 from Tasmania with his wife, Julie, and three children.

“We had a few years in Emu Park and then moved to Cooee Bay in 2005, where we still live,” he said.

“As soon as we arrived, I became involved with Yeppoon Chaplaincy and am one of two school chaplains at Yeppoon State High School and have been since 2002.

“My position is not government funded at all and I am involved with fundraising efforts to keep it viable so we can continue to serve the youth at Yeppoon High.

“I am a member of Sea Q Boardriders and was part of the founding committee of that club.

“I also own and operate Capricorn Coast Learn 2 Surf, a successful surf school in Yeppoon. I have been operating this tourism and lifestyle business for 14 years.

“Prior to moving to Yeppoon, I was a police officer in Tasmania for 12 years and operated a PCYC I established on Bruny Island, Tasmania.

“In my council portfolio of sport and recreation and the arts, I am always promoting sporting, music and arts events across our Shire.

“I’m also a main carer of my disabled non-verbal adult son.”

Mr Eastwood said the biggest asset anyone in any government position could have was integrity.

“Because of integrity, it is easier to make hard decisions that are sometimes unpopular but always necessary,” he said.

“I believe I have demonstrated that my integrity is intact. I also believe in being yourself. I always try to remain true to myself and I think if you do that, you can cross political and generational divides. However you must be amenable to the people.

“Being resolute is something I hold dear. So even though I am always willing to be convinced of another point of view, I will be purposeful and determined to fight for what I believe is right.”

Mr Eastwood said he saw some important issues to rally for during the next term of local government.

“Rates simply cannot go up within this term above the CPI,” he said.

“We need to create employment and be pro-sustainable development to increase our rates base.

“We need equity across the entire Shire. including roads. We also need to continue to look after what we have, reduce, reuse, recycle and care for our environment.

“If you were born in Livingstone, that’s very fortunate for you. I hope you realise how lucky you are.

“If, like many of us, you moved here, I think it is important that you remember why. I moved here because it is sensationally beautiful, the climate’s great and the people are awesome. It’s so important we never change the friendly, inviting feel of our region.

“At the moment the coast has never looked better, so we need to maintain it and improve on what we have. The bike trail is fantastic and was a dream of mine from the beginning and I can’t wait for it to reach Emu Park.

“We need to get Iwasaki’s Resort and Great Keppel Island Resort happening and we need to encourage our mainland tourism interests.

“We need to do what we can to move the Bangalee Beach access ramp north for the residents and to make access easier for locals and tourists.

“It is our ‘Fraser Island’ and I would love to see environmentally friendly usage. We must encourage and nurture eco tourism, arts festivals and sports events.

“We need to make things happen to keep our kids here, which means employment creation is vital.

“In relation to the recent devastating fires, we need to do what we can as a council to prevent and protect our region for the future.

“I’m here for you and want what we all want – safe community, good infrastructure, minimal rates and low debt encompassed with plenty of employment and opportunity.

“I’m am an athlete and have won five Queensland SUP Surfing Titles in the past six years and won an Australian title a couple of years back.

“None of those titles came easy and required dedication, training and commitment. You put in, you get out. I will put into council and we will all get something out of it – lifestyle.”



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