Rebel Wilson with an age and name cause

REBEL Wilson has been a big talking point this week, but not for the reasons she should.

The star of Pitch Perfect should be in the news because of the current screening of the movie sequel that has been gaining rave reviews from fans.

Instead, people are discussing her name and her age.

Is she really Rebel Wilson, or is she what former schoolmates claim, Melanie Bownds.

Maybe she is really Fat Patricia, the real name Rebel claims of her Pitch Perfect character Fat Amy?

Is she 28, 35 or a 100 year-old-mermaid formerly known as CC Chalice?

Or is it as she quoted: "As my mum says 'You're a lady, don't say your age'."

Can't she just be herself?

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I neither look nor act my age, but I haven't had the age police coming to pull me into line. Not yet anyway.

For that matter, my name is not really Supermum… And, quite honestly, I'm not really a Supermum either. But don't tell anyone, I don't want the name police chasing me.

That brings me to the big question though - why are the name and age police after Rebel?

Why aren't we talking about her achievements instead?

There are some reports that say while a schoolgirl she was involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities including school productions and debating.

She was also in the choir and a cappella, which she goes on to relive in her role in Pitch Perfect.

She's an Aussie who has gone on to do great things in the entertainment industry on a global scale.

She's starred in a number of popular television shows and movies; with memorable scenes in Bridesmaids and What to Expect When You're Expecting just two examples.

She was the first Aussie to host the MTV music awards.

All this and she doesn't conform to the Hollywood underfed physique of many of her female celebrity peers.

What a Rebel.

Forget her name. Let's instead look at a recent tweet from Rebel and talk about things we really should be talking about:

Thanks Pitch Perfect fans for making us the highest grossing musical (in first 3 days) EVER! x Who'd have thought? x

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