Rebels vs Jack Dempsey on Today Tonight - Bikies wife letter

I APPAULD the Rebels MC, Little Mick Kosenko, his wife Tanya and all the Boys that made the decision to appear on TV defending themselves, their club and their rights.

What need did Jack Dempsey have to personally slander the names of these people or that of the club.

You didn't see the club personally slander Dempsey or the police force.

If Mr Dempsey was so sure of the public vote that these laws were agreed upon by the majority of Queenslanders why did he feel he needed to make a personal appearance, asked by the news crew or otherwise.

If not to try to sway public opinion then why?

Once again discrimination at its worst and the blatant use of position to push political agenda.

They should do a survey on bikie crimes vs law enforcement/political party crimes, now who would have the higher percentage.

Why is the punishment that our own so called noble upstanding citizens of the public sector not the same as that of the accused "criminals of society".

Don't they hold a more trusted position, therefore the breaking of any laws on their part should be treated in a manner that is fitting to the breach that they have placed in the public's trust.

But no you don't see them put behind bars in solitary confinement for 10 to 15 years plus, slandered on public television, discriminated against or made to feel shunned from society.

These are the real crimes, the ones against humanity and society as a whole, not those made by the few that choose to take the laws into their own hands. and lets face it why wouldn't they!

If Dempsey's behaviour is anything to go by, our appointed members of the law enforcement are not ones to be trusted or relied upon to serve and protect.

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