Redundancies offered to all CQ TAFE staff despite surplus

CQUNIVERSITY this week reported a $13.5 million surplus and offered the whole vocational TAFE staff voluntary redundancies.

Vice-chancellor and president, Professor Scott Bowman put the voluntary redundancy offer down to declining student numbers and financial pressure on the TAFE section of CQUniversity.

He said despite the university reporting a $13.5 million surplus for 2015, TAFE was not fairing as well.

"We are absolutely adamant that we don't want to make people redundant that don't want to lose their jobs so we're not making any forced redundancies but there have been some people that have come to us and said they would like the opportunity to take a package from the university so we have made a call for anybody who would like to make a voluntary separation from the university to put in an application and if we feel we can cover that job without them then we are happy to let them separate from the university," he said.

He said he expected between 20 and 25 positions would be affected.

"I have reassured them their jobs are not in danger if they want to carry on working with us but there is an opportunity here," he said.

"We are looking to turn that part of the university around and part of that is we will consider letting people go if they want."

Mr Bowman said the university was "doing incredibly well" and the voluntary redundancy offer was aimed to soften financial pressure across the TAFE section.

"In fact we're growing just about faster than other university in Australia and that's why we're not taking more drastic action because we are growing so quickly and we are making surplus on the other side," he said yesterday.

"That does mean that we can cover losses on the TAFE side while we are turning it around.

"We're not panicking in any way but there are some staff that it's very beneficial for them at this point in their lives to take a package and go off and do the things they want to do and we're happy for them to do that.

"That will help us as we are turning the TAFE part of our operations around," he said.

"But there are going to be no forced redundancies, only voluntary."

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