Regions 'do not want or need' CSG projects say Greens

THE Proserpine and Whitsundays regions do not want or need any more destructive coal seam gas (CSG) projects the Queensland Greens say.

The Greens' lead Senate candidate, Adam Stone said recent media reports had demonstrated how poorly the industry was regulated.

"The federal and state government have proved they cannot be trusted to safeguard against the destructive forces of this industry," Mr Stone said.

"The CSG industry won't be with us for the long-term, but its effects may, including the social disadvantage and inequality that comes as a result of such unregulated mining booms.

"CSG has not been proven cleaner than coal and should not be treated as a 'transition fuel'.  In fact, there is mounting evidence that its greenhouse footprint has been significantly under-estimated.  We should be embracing the jobs-rich, clean renewable energy sector instead." 

Mr Stone is in the region today with the Greens' candidate for the Federal Seat of Dawson, Jonathon Dykyj as part of a six-day tour of north and central Queensland.

Mr Dykyj said Dawson is "primarily a farming and tourist region here and we need to keep our clean and green appeal." 

"The community has already fought off the dirty oil shale industry and I am confident we can do the same with coal seam gas."

Arrow Energy, 100 per cent owned by Petro China and Shell, already had CSG production wells operating in the area, but no further approvals should be given, he said.

"Royalties earned from these industries are offset by the massive subsidies that taxpayers give to these mostly foreign-owned companies and the taxpayers are the ones left to clean up the damage, not the companies," Mr Dykyj said.

"You can't compensate people for the loss of an aquifer or for the loss of the use of your productive farm or for the collapse of the fishing industry in places like Gladstone where the CSG is processed into liquefied natural gas (LNG).

"The Great Barrier Reef's World Heritage status is under threat because of both governments' cash-grab."

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