READER'S VIEW: Renewed hope for CQ NRL team

I SEE there is renewed hope for an NRL Team in Rockhampton.

I've been a Rugby League supporter all my life. And a long suffering Tigers fan as well.

Personally, I feel the game would be significantly improved by scrapping several of the changes made in recent decades.

Especially, either bringing back contested scrums or scrapping them altogether, dumping golden point completely and finding some way to ensure that the various officials actually communicate with each other during the game.

If they did, I suspect most of the officiating mistakes that occur would be fixed before they became front page headlines. But I digress.

First, let me say that CQ deserves a NRL Team.

However, so do a lot of other places outside of Sydney. Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Central Coast, NZ and, probably, Darwin.

And all of these have what Rockhampton doesn't have - a decent stadium. It's all well and good to say that it has been promised if we get a team, but it is also true that if we build it we will have a much better chance of getting what we want. Or at least make a start. Get work underway on an enlarged version of Browne Park, with player and media facilities, lighting and scoreboard up to NRL standards.

Surely local business people claiming to support the proposal plus the Council can get a start with, if we're lucky, the State Government remembering our existence and putting in a few cents.

Also, remember, if the NRL actually does expand, there are a lot of other applicants. But we should also remember that over half the NRL Teams are in Sydney and two-thirds are in NSW. And a lot of them are supposedly in financial difficulties.

Maybe we should be looking at relocation rather than expansion, and we just might get it quicker as well.

Maybe getting a single league competition in Central Queensland would also be a help, not only to the bid but also the Capras. And a strong, competitive Capras will also be a big help to our chances.

John Christie

The Range

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