Capricornia Business Awards 2016 Most Innovative Business winner Carbon Link Terry McCosker and Kerrie Sagnol.
Capricornia Business Awards 2016 Most Innovative Business winner Carbon Link Terry McCosker and Kerrie Sagnol. Tamara MacKenzie ROK141116tkawar

Research and patience key to Carbon Link's win at Capricornia Business Awards

AFTER nine years of research and development, Terry McCosker is now seeing his innovative idea grow into a commercial business.

The root of his concept, Carbon Link, stemmed from recognition that graziers who use renewable grazing methods were taking increased amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it in the soil.

Seeing the benefits of this to both the grazier and the environment, Terry undertook a great deal of research and overcame many obstacles to develop ways of allowing graziers to get paid for sequestering carbon.

"This offers a win-win solution to the problem of global warming, for farmers and the wider population - the farmers because their soil is improved, which results in greater production and an additional income stream from the sale of carbon credits, and for the general public due to the resulting reductions in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and production of healthier food," he said.

And with dedication and determination to see this project to the end, Terry and his team have been recognised for Most Innovative Business in the Capricornia Business Awards 2016.

"We were extremely proud to be representing the agricultural industry at the awards," Terry said.

"It was a brilliant night that showcased the talent, innovation and progressiveness of business in the Capricornia region and we are honoured to be counted amongst the best.

"Winning this award gives us the opportunity to tell the wider public about the positive role that agriculture and livestock grazing in particular can have on the environment."

Terry said, so often agriculture was portrayed as the enemy, a major contributor to climate change.

He said Carbon Link had recently signed an agreement with the CSIRO, allowing them to access world-leading technology developed by them allowing accurate measurement of carbon in the soil to a depth of over a metre.

"It really is good news for Capricornia, where beef cattle production is one of the major industries, that through using the system that we have developed in association with CSIRO, beef producers can actually be the major player in climate change reversal.

"We are continually working with the CSIRO to further develop the already ground-breaking technology we are using in soil carbon measurement, making the process even more streamlined.

"We also plan to work with the Carbon Farming Initiative on new methodologies that will allow our systems to suit even more farmers.

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