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Residents back Kevin Rudd

THOSE not happy with Federal Member for Capricornia Kirsten Livermore's choice to back Julia Gillard in the leadership battle have voiced their opinions online.

A number of disgruntled people have posted comments on the Morning Bulletin's website in response to Ms Livermore's public announcement she will back Ms Gillard in today's leadership poll.

Andy-HarclaM wrote: "Kevin Rudd was elected by the people; he was our choice and June 2010 that was taken away from us!, by faceless men and a woman who had her hand on her heart one minute and a knife in his back the next. I think this says it all; you can't trust a person who does this.

"Julia is a puppet to these faceless men and when she doesn't follow the string that is being pulled she also will be knifed out. Any local member should remember it is us who put you in to represent us when you cast your vote on Monday."

Holyjo wrote: "Kirsten is not Rocky... I have been a Labor voter in the past. Sure as hell won't be again. Kevin got them in, if he doesn't get back Monday they've lost my vote! Kirsten no more votes for you after this either!"

The Australian Labor Party will hold a leadership caucus poll at 9am Queensland time in Canberra to vote who should lead the party at Federal level - current Prime Minister Gillard or former PM Kevin Rudd.

The Bully's own online poll, of which 98 votes had been cast by 4.30pm yesterday, showed the majority of voters prefer Rudd be Prime Minister.

Rudd had 79% of the vote, while Gillard had 20%.

People on the streets of Brisbane showed their support of Rudd on Saturday morning, when he was mobbed and posed for the cameras in a group hug.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, whose own state election campaign has lost the limelight due to the Federal leadership issue, said she was not surprised Mr Rudd had been mobbed and his popularity in the state would be weighing on the minds of the federal caucus voters.

"He is very popular here but he is popular because he delivered to Queensland and made Queenslanders feel like they were part of the national stage for the first time in a long time," Ms Bligh said.

When Rudd was ousted in 2010, it was reported factional leaders backed Gillard.

"The factional hierarchy has never been pleased with me because I've consistently refused to bend the knee to them because I regard my responsibility is to the broader party and to the Australian people," Mr Rudd said yesterday.

"I believe Labor, all of us, every one of us, will unite after Monday's ballot," Gillard said.

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