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Resources power $1.1b in Central Queensland jobs

QUEENSLAND'S resources sector continues to drive jobs growth and investment in Rockhampton, contributing $1.1 billion to the economy in 2017-18, said the Queensland Resources Council.

QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane launched the ninth annual economic contribution report at the Port of Brisbane with Senator Matt Canavan, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia.

Mr Macfarlane said the report reaffirms the importance of the resources sector to regional Queensland economies and regional communities.

"Resources have supported 5836 jobs in Rockhampton over the 12 months or 16 per cent of the city's total employment and it's not just diesel fitters and truck drivers but also butchers and chefs,” Mr Macfarlane said.

"Our sector has a resolute commitment to working with local communities and delivering the benefits from our natural resources to all Queenslanders.

Resource companies contributed to 43 community organisations in Rockhampton and 1260 across Queensland, which is an increase of 38 per cent on last year. Community organisations provide vital services to all Queenslanders.

"Over the 12 months the resource sector spent $351 million with 605 Rockhampton businesses while only using 0.1 per cent of Queensland's land mass.

"In the Fitzroy region the sector contributed $7.3 billion and supported 40,106 jobs.

"Across Queensland the sector contributed $62.9 billion to the economy statewide and supported 316,267 jobs.”

Over the past nine years, Mr Macfarlane said the sector has contributed almost $600 billion ($594 billion) to the Queensland economy which is larger than the economy of Hong Kong.

"Every Queenslander - regardless of where they call home - shares in the wealth of the sector through the royalty taxes paid to the State Government, which grew by 12 per cent to $4.3 billion,” he said.

"These royalties provide funding for new hospitals, police stations and schools or the wages of 63,000 teachers or 61,000 police or 64,000 nurses.

"From Toowoomba to Weipa, the sector is employing locally and buying locally, spending $19.3 billion with Queensland suppliers - an increase of 19 per cent.

"Coal was the largest overall contributor, accounting for 69 per cent of economic contributions, followed by metals at 15 percent and oil and gas at 13 per cent.

"Queensland is in the box seat to be Australia's resources superpower for decades to come, which will be welcome news to every Queenslander.”

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