Bianca Sara with Thomas Rhys Stanborough and Bree McDonald with Oliver William McDonald.
Bianca Sara with Thomas Rhys Stanborough and Bree McDonald with Oliver William McDonald. Allan Reinikka ROK050118ababies3

REVEALED: 2017 top baby name list for the Rockhampton region

ROCKHAMPTON region babies Oliver and Thomas have something in common - their names were both among the 2017 top 10 list of baby names for Fitzroy region.

While Thomas Rhys Stanborough sat at number six, Oliver William McDonald double-dipped with his first name at number one and his middle name at number four.

"I was so surprised when I saw the list,” Mum of Oliver, Bree McDonald said, "I've never actually met many babies named Oliver, only one when I was in Gympie.”

Baby Oliver was born on December 12 last year, to parents Bree and Trent McDonald who live in Yeppoon.

Choosing a name was probably one of the most difficult part of her pregnancy, Bree said.

"All the ones I liked Trent didn't, all the ones I liked he didn't,” she said.

After much deliberation the couple were able to come to an agreement.

"We looked at heaps of baby name books,” Ms McDonald said.

The couple chose the name Oliver pretty early on, about 10 weeks in Ms McDonald's pregnancy.

"We really liked it, it was different and it was the only one we could agree on,” she said.

Once they chose the name they didn't look back.

"We were pretty stuck with it,” Ms McDonald said.

While his name is officially Oliver, it is nickname that has stuck more.

"I like Ollie, we hardly call him Oliver,” Ms McDonald said.

Born eight weeks earlier on October 17, Thomas's name was chosen for sentimental reasons.

Parents Bianca Sara and Lachlan Stanborough had chosen the name early on, before Bianca fell pregnant.

The 22 year-old Mum said Thomas was "the name from the very beginning.”

"It was Lachlan's great-grandfather's first name and his brother's middle name,” Ms Sara said.

"I really liked it and the fact it has family meaning and connection.”

Having chose a boys name early on, Ms Sara said they would have been in some trouble if it was a girl.

”That would have been hard - to chose a girl's name,” she said.

”It wouln't have been easy.

”It was good to agree on a name from day dot, we didn't have to go through the hassle of choosing a name.”

Ms Sara said she was surprised to see the name appear in the list.

"It is an old name and you don't see many Thomas's," she said.

Having worked in childcare before taking time off to have Thomas, Ms Sara said she had come across most of the names in daycare children.

"A lot of them I saw in Childcare, Harper is pretty popular, we had a few of them," she said

2017 Fitzroy region top baby names:


1. Harper

2. Charlotte

3. Ava

4. Mia

5. Isla

6. Aria

7. Olivia

8. Lily

9. Grace

10. Amelia


1. Oliver

2. Cooper

3. Noah

4. William

5. Jack

6. James

7. Thomas

8. Hudson

9. Hunter

10. Lucas

11. Nate

12. Harrison

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