Livingstone Mayor Andy Ireland.
Livingstone Mayor Andy Ireland.

REVEALED: 57 people on Community Voice Panels

MAYOR Andy Ireland has brought his own style of leadership to the Livingstone Shire Council table in his first term and for the best part, it’s not about him.

Since this team of councillors was elected in March, a number of new initiatives have emerged under what is clearly a fresh direction and approach.

One of those, which has been in place for a little while now, was the establishment of a portfolio system for councillors.

In May, Livingstone under Cr Ireland, introduced the new councillor portfolio policy.

At the time, the mayor explained that councillors would become spokespersons for their respective portfolios and “I won’t be the spokesman for everything now, and I’m happy to delegate that responsibility.”

On Tuesday of this week, another new initiative was given the green light by councillors with the establishment and formalisation of Community Voice Panels.

Designed to give the public a louder voice in the future direction of the shire, expressions of interest were sought from the community, for those keen to potentially join the seven panels (panels will reflect councillor portfolios and be led by their respective heads).

At Tuesday’s council meeting, the 57 members of the public who will make up the Community Voice Panels, were revealed.

They are:

Economic Development and Regional Advocacy and Intergovernmental Relations (Cr Andy Ireland):

- Dan Curtis

- Anthony White

- Michael Griffin

- Mick Cranny

- Chris Duane

- Shirley Hynes

- Bernie Jakstas

- Ken Harris

- John Alexander Millroy

- Tam Waters

Organisational Performance (Cr Adam Belot):

- Dave Williams

- Sue McDonnell

- John Smith

- Petros Khalesirad

- Roy Evans

- Ken Hodby

- Mike Ferry

Transport - Roads, Drainage, Pathways - (Cr Glenda Mather):

- Richard “Stretch” Devine

- Greg Lennon

- Thomas Jehle

- Hartmutt Steffen

- Tanya Hermann

- Lauren Suchowiecki

- Kerry Gould

- Carolyn Hewitt

Healthy and Inclusive Community (Cr Pat Eastwood):

- Allison Shoesmith

- Kathleen Purdie

- Dr Claire Thompson

- Rosemary Jewell

- Corneel Vandelanotte

- Rebecca French

- Lynette Nichols

- Jodie Morris

Water, Waste Management and the Environment (Cr Andrea Friend)

- Jim Callan

- Sallie Matta

- Nick Saunders

- Tom Sjolund

- Wilhelmina Newman

- Malcolm Wells

- Phil Steer

- Alison McMaster

- Julianne Weekers

Vibrant Community - Tourism, Events and Culture - (Cr Tanya Lynch)

- Anthony (Tony) Lomasney

- Laureth Rumble

- Andrea Stojke

- Murray McLay

- Lisa Lilleboe

- Leanne Smith

- Ross O’Reilly

- Jan Boyd

Planning and Strategic Infrastructure (Cr Nigel Hutton)

- Lorelle Campbell

- Arthur Hunt

- Patrick Sheehan

- Ass Prof Tracy Flenady

- Pam Purton

- Brett Heath

- Denis Ratcliffe

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