Lacour Energy is undertaking a feasibility study into the project.
Lacour Energy is undertaking a feasibility study into the project. Mimadeo

REVEALED: $800M CQ development to create 350 jobs

A COMPANY planning to install an $800m wind and solar farm at Clarke Creek in the Isaac Shire and Livingstone Shire has embarked on a feasibility study.

If the Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm project goes ahead it would likely include 150 to 200 turbines, more than 200MW of solar panels, and create 350 jobs during construction and 20 full-time jobs during operation.

Member for Mirani Jim Pearce met with Lacour Energy representatives on Tuesday and later described the proposed project as "an example of the future as we transition from coal and gas" energy.

"Lacour Energy is undertaking a feasibility study for a wind and solar farm located close to the existing electricity grid east of Clarke Creek," Mr Pearce wrote on his online blog.

"The expected size for the project is 150-200 turbines - greater than 300MW of wind power, greater than 200MW of solar power and energy storage.

"Lacour Energy Directors have over 35 years combined international experience."

Mr Pearce said construction on the farm could start between 2019 and 2021 - assuming the feasibility study gives a green light.

The politician added a community benefits package is proposed of $200k a year to nearby communities in the Livingstone and Isaac Shires.

The solar and wind project would be built about 150km south of Mackay, extending across the land of eight families, according to Lacour Energy.

Wind turbines would be located in surrounding mountain ranges and the solar farm would be on lower ground near Marlborough-Sarina Road.

The company states it's an area of "high wind and solar resources" and benefits from being close to existing roads.

Lacour Energy states the farm would be adjacent to the existing high voltage electricity network, which includes three large transmission lines to connect to the project.

"The Wind and Solar farm is predicted to generate over 1800 GWh (over 3% of QLD's annual requirement) of electricity of average every year," the company states.

"This renewable energy avoids the production of 1.4 Million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year."

Lacour Energy is calling for companies and individuals to register their interest online ahead of any construction starting.

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