File shot of man with knife for court story.
Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
File shot of man with knife for court story. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times Rob Williams

REVEALED: Alarming number of weapons in CQ schools

PREP-aged kids are among the alarming number of Central Queensland students who have drawn a weapon on a class-mate in the last year.

Education Queensland figures provided to The Morning Bulletin by the Queensland Opposition, show 1,774 students in CQ state schools have been suspended for reported assaults involving a weapon over the past five years.

These CQ suspensions have risen 11.5% in that time.

The report stated that in the past 12 months, 379 CQ students from prep to year 12 were disciplined for assaults which included students threatening or chasing another student with a harmful object.

These weapons included knifes, guns, scissors, chemicals, rocks, syringes, glass, tazers, machetes and 'improvised' weapons.

LNP Shadow Education Minister Tracy Davis said schools were an exciting place for kids to learn and should always be a safe place.

"Sadly, hundreds of students are turning Queensland state schools into danger zones by bringing weapons onto school grounds," Ms Davis said.

"We have seen jumps in suspensions involving weapons and other objects over the past few years."

Ms Davis also made explosive claims that Labor's priorities were skewed and instead of stopping glocks and knives in the school yard, they were banning Christmas cards.

The LNP shadow minister said Labor had put up "a white flag to weapons in schools".

"At a time when academic achievements in literacy and numeracy are slipping or flat-lining, it is imperative that our kids and teachers have a safe place to learn and grow," Ms Davis said.

Minister for Education, Kate Jones, said Ms Davis was "deliberately misleading Queenslanders by talking down our state schools".

"When it comes to disciplinary absences for misconduct involving an object, we have seen a 20% reduction in these incidents since we were elected," Mrs Jones said.

"This is a direct result of our efforts to make schools safer for everyone.

"Last year we introduced behaviour coaches into every region supporting behaviour management in every schools.

"Queensland schools have just achieved their best NAPLAN result ever.

"We have made the Respectful Relationships curriculum available to all schools and the One Punch Can Kill program is being rolled out to all Year 12 classes.

"Our schools have an important role to play - in partnership with parents - to help change community attitudes to violence."


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