The Gympie region's richest and poorest schools have been revealed.
The Gympie region's richest and poorest schools have been revealed. Contributed

REVEALED: How much money Clarence schools get

CLARENCE Valley's highest-earning school raked in more than $42.4million over three years and parents wanting to send their children to the region's most expensive school had to fork out $3555, tightly held school statistics reveal.

An independent analysis of school financial records from the MySchool website have shown the massive amount of money some schools make every year, and how little some scrape by on.

The figures revealed Maclean High School had a higher gross income than any other school in the region. The school made a gross income of $42.4million, according to financial records from the three most recently available years.

The region's second highest-earning school was Grafton High, which had a gross income of $42.3million, followed by South Grafton High, which made $34.7million.

The figures include all fees, charges and parental contributions, state and federal funding and any other private sources over 2015, 2016 and 2017.

It does not include deductions for capital works or debt servicing. The analysis does not include special schools or schools that did not have complete financial data in MySchool.

Nymboida Public School had the lowest gross income in the region - just $1.1million over the three-year period.

Clarence Valley Anglican School was the region's most expensive where the average amount parents had to fork out in fees, charges and contributions in 2017 was $3555. McAuley Catholic College had the Clarence Valley region's second-highest average parental contributions with $3462, followed by St Andrew's Christian School ($2313).

High earners

Maclean High:<WL>$42.4m

Grafton High:<WL>$42.3m

South Grafton High:<WL>$34.7m

McAuley Catholic College:<WL>$28.4m

Grafton Public:<WL>$25m

South Grafton Public:<WL>$23.1m

Clarence Valley Anglican:<WL>$17.2m

Westlawn Public:<WL>$15.8m

Yamba Public:<WL>$12.2m

Bonalbo Central:<WL>$11.7m

Low earners

Nymboida Public:<WL>$1.1m

Old Bonalbo Public:<WL>$1.5m

Baryulgil Public:<WL>$1.5m

Rappville Public:<WL>$1.6m

Mummulgum Public:<WL>$1.6m

Cowper Public:<WL>$1.7m

Drake Public:<WL>$1.8m

Tucabia Public:<WL>$2.1m

Wooli Public:<WL>$2.2m

Chatsworth Island Public:<WL>$2.5m

Most expensive

Clarence Valley Anglican:<WL>$3555

McAuley Catholic College:<WL>$3462

St Andrew's Christian:<WL>$2313

St Mary's Primary:<WL>$1656

St Joseph's Primary, Maclean:<WL>$1518

Maclean Public:<WL>$1504

St James' Primary:<WL>$1425

St Joseph's Primary, South Grafton:<WL>$1299

Baryulgil Public:<WL>$1283

Tabulam Public:<WL>$972

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