Inside a fibre to the node cabinet used on Australian streets in the NBN rollout.
Inside a fibre to the node cabinet used on Australian streets in the NBN rollout. ADAM HOLLINGWORTH/HIRED GUN

REVEALED: Tales of NBN horror and success

ON WEDNESDAY The Morning Bulletin asked readers how their experience with the NBN had been - good, great, bad or just ugly?

More than 100 people responded with a combination of success stories and complaints. Here's some of what they had to say:

Nathan Emerson My parents had nothing but trouble for six weeks over their trouble with NBN and Telstra, with one blaming the other for why it was not working.

Amanda Thorogood Terrible! At the start it wasn't too bad at all, we were getting the speed we were paying for, but now it's terrible and drops out multiple times in one day. We lost internet connection seven times in two hours on one day. Have contacted Telstra and they said they'd look into it and get back to us but of course we've heard nothing from them

Jane Bentley I had nothing but trouble for two months. Three technician appointments that were cancelled without notifying me. Being double charged for ADSL & NBN services, both of which were not even connected. What a nightmare! Now that it is connected, it is slower than what our ADSL service was.

Jodie Wehlow If the NBN was a footy team it would be the Knights...hang on the Knights have a future.

Andrew Daley Generally excellent. I am not in a high congestion area for ADSL, let alone for NBN. So I connect at 100/40. I have to say with the NBN retailers and the NBNCo the reporting system for faults is terrible. You literally would have to wait for weeks before they will come out if you have a unique physical problem outside of a faulty modem.

Baldeep Singh If you looking for provider with little to no congestion my knowledge is that Telstra, iPrimus those two I've used and SkyMesh which is from friends has little to no congestion at peak times.

Jenifer Price Paying more for the exact same service really, maybe a little faster then ADSL, but certainly not anywhere near the advertised "max” for the service. My biggest concern is for the elderly who will get there home phone cut off when the old lines are cut - having to pay for NBN when they don't even own a computer just so they can have a phone line that cuts out when the power goes.

Jacqui Joy Vincent We've had nothing but trouble since we got connected. Signal drops regularly, have to reboot system constantly and unlike ADSL, when the signal drops so does our phone.

Carole Patterson Exactly what's happens with my phone/internet too.

Elliot Ness Telstra bought cheap modems from the start. I finally got the Telstra Max 2 connection kit and it finally works without dropouts and is faster. Just complain and demand the newest modem they have.

Abbey-Rose Smith We have had nothing but trouble with ours. We have gone way over our phone bills because we can't rely on our NBN. It cuts in and out at least 10 times a day. We have contacted Telstra to inform them and they are happy to fix it with a cost! If your service doesn't work don't expect us to keep paying.

Rebecca Munro Same here! Have had to use my mobile as a hot spot for days on end while still paying for NBN.

Stacey Haynes Us too! And they keep saying there are no issues in the area we have businesses running from home and I need internet and as soon as schools are out yeah forget doing any computer work at all until at least 11 pm.

Phil Twiner I was going to hook my NBN up soon. But I might wait until you guys find out when it is working.

Kara Michelle Wouldn't know where to start with the issues I had with Telstra...yet never actually was able to connect to the internet and almost a $3000 bill later (for literally absolutely nothing but internal stuff ups) the only thing that helped was ringing the telecommunications ombudsman.

I strongly advise anyone having issues to ring the ombudsman on 1800062058.

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