Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry.
Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry. Chris Ison ROK210616croad5

Rocky leader makes urgent move to save 181 axed workers

COULD Adani be the saviour axed CQ workers need? Michelle Landry is hoping so.

In light of 180 Aurizon job losses announced late yesterday, Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry held discussions with Adani overnight, imploring the mining giant to bring forward announcements on contracts for the North Galilee Basin Rail Line.

Ms Landry said she asked Adani's CEO to provide certainty and hope for Central Queensland.

"I have consistently advocated for the Carmichael Mine and the 388 km rail line that will deliver much needed jobs for Central Queensland," Ms Landry said.

"Tonight I put in a call to reiterate my support and reinforce Rockhampton's ability to deliver goods and services. 

"In my first conversation with Adani over 18 months ago, I advocated on behalf of companies like Austrak in Parkhurst as a prime example of local capability.

"With today's announcement by Aurizon, there will be a huge amount of frustration and uncertainty in Rockhampton households, so the sooner we can create new work opportunities the better it will be for those families."

Ms Landry said she was confident very positive news would result from the call to Adani.

"The announcement today has let Rockhampton down," she said of the Aurizon job cuts.

"Aurizon have been lobbying hard to sideline Adani for the construction of the Galilee rail line, with today's announcement suggesting this not a trusted alternative for Rockhampton jobs."

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