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REVEALED: Woman charged over hiding Rocky serial granny basher

A PAIR of mystery women have been charged with hiding a serial granny-basher and his fellow inmate who escaped from a prison near Rockhampton.

The two women, aged 26 and 33, were caught out after a 32-hour manhunt for allegedly hiding the escapees in their home.

The 26-year-old, who shares a last name with the other woman, has been charged with two counts of harbouring a prisoner while the other woman has been charged with one count, a Queensland Police Service spokesman reported.

"If you've just got someone at your house and you don't know the situation, that's fine," the spokesman said.

"But if you hide someone in your house and you don't contact police, well that's harbouring someone."

Queensland Police have revealed dramatic details about Aaron Woods', serving a 13-year sentence for slicing open a 72-year-old lady's face, and Ryan Miller's final moments on the run after they walked off the Capricorn Correctional Centre's low-security farm.

Rapid police work from the Corrective Services Investigative Unit saw the pair nabbed more than 600km away from the prison in the Brisbane suburb of Zillmere.

Police sat out the front of a Zillmere home after a "tip-off" revealed the location of their alleged hide-out.

Police confronted Woods and Miller when they were spotted "close by" a white car, setting off on a foot chase that ended quickly for one of the two, who was taken into custody.

The other evaded capture.

Police told The Morning Bulletin, during the manhunt, that they would establish contact with friends, family and associates.

They were given another tip-off, pointing to the escapee's new hide-out, and made a surprise visit.

Revelations of how exactly the arrests unfolded come after days where authorities had been at pains not to divulge information about the escape, fearing it could inspire copy-cats.

A QPS spokeswoman also said police were still investigating how Woods and Miller made their way to Brisbane.

But she did not expect police to release their means of travel as "we wouldn't want to give anyone in prison ideas".

The Morning Bulletin can reveal Woods, who has been in and out of prison since he was 17 for crimes with elderly lady victims, will be eligible for parole in little more than three years on June 16, 2020.

Miller will be eligible for parole about two weeks before Christmas this year.

Both had another year added to their sentence after pleading guilty to the escape in Pine Rivers Magistrates Court on Monday.

The two women who allegedly put themselves on the line to hide them will appear in Pine Rivers Magistrates Court tomorrow.

A Corrective Services spokesman said following a "stringent and extensive" assessment, only prisoners deemed "low risk" were placed on the prison's farm facility.

"The purpose of a low security farm is rehabilitation through both work and preparation for parole," he said.

An investigation has been launched into decisions made by prison authorities, which the spokesman said is standard in instances of prisoner escape.

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