Death Note: Light up the New World in cinemas now.
Death Note: Light up the New World in cinemas now.

REVIEW: Live-action Death Note resurrects anime drama

OF all the animes I've watched over the years, Death Note was a storyline that truly caught my attention.

The concept that a person could die by simply having his/her name written in a book opened a wave of questions and scenarios - cementing the old saying "the pen is mightier than the sword".

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary of the anime (based on the manga series of the same name written by Tsuhumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata) a live action film was created to follow on from where the anime had concluded.

To bring you up to speed, exemplary student Yagami Light comes cross a Death Note, by which he secretly decides to use in order to rid the word of evil (killing criminals, rapists and murderers that had been increasing throughout Japan).

Due to the very nature of these killings, the public call this 'mysterious identity' KIRA.

His father heads a secret police task-force in reaction to the unexplained killings to seek the truth for these 'unjust actions'. The police are also assisted by a young prodigy, who goes by the name L.

In a dramatic twist of events, Yagami and L go head to head in a mental battle of anticipating each other's next moves to accomplish their goals (L to bring Yagami to justice and Yagami to become the God of the new world).

The live action film which just dropped kicks off from where the anime concluded, except now, more Death Notes have fallen from the Death God realm - 6 in total scattered across the world.

The Japan police taskforce once again reform (with the assistance of the unorthodox, but highly intelligent Ryuzaki (L's replacement) to track down all the books and rescue the world from utter chaos.

The storyline holds a very familiar plot to the anime, with the exception of a few extra tweaks.

The roller-coaster of twist and turns still lives through this film, with suspense of what the outcome will be.

Although Light and L are not the main focus, this live action film certainly gives praise and entwines the anime and live action original with much praise and recognition it deserves.

Misa, Light's significant other, also makes a return in this flick, 10 years older, and perhaps a little wiser than her naïve love infatuated self.

While I found the film thoroughly enjoying, don't expect too much to change in the form of the storyline, there are quite a lot of similarities throughout this film to the anime - even the ending rings an all too familiar bell in the final showdown, none the less it's still brilliantly put together.

I pays to see the anime, or first live action film to grasp a full appreciation and understanding of Death Note and is well worth the hours of binge watching.

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