Beau Dargel is picked favourite for the weekend’s enduro race.
Beau Dargel is picked favourite for the weekend’s enduro race. CHRIS ISON CI

Riders revved up for dirty action

BEAU Dargel will be flying airborne over steep hills, crunching his dirt bike forcefully over loose rocks and logs that obstruct his course and heading straight into muddy water.

The action will be so intense you’ll be able to feel the dirt lightly dusting over The Caves Showgrounds and see the competitive tension embedded between the 70 competitors.

Yes, Extreme Stadium Enduro X is in the region tomorrow night and you have been warned.

And there will be four of Rockhampton’s top motocross competitors taking to the extreme track against national and international riders.

But the one to keep a close eye on, if you are able to keep up with his speed, is 19-year-old Beau Dargel who has been picked as favourite after a killer year on the bike.

Yesterday was Dargel’s first ride at the track and although he admits the enduro course is a lot rougher, tougher and dangerous than what he is used to in motocross, he is none-the-less determined to hit the track tomorrow.

The enduro track is more extreme compared to the normal motocross track, with man-made obstacles that include logs, rocks, creek sections and jump.

“It is a little bit different, we have been out here riding today and it is a bit more difficult than I thought. We have already had a couple of crashes,” he said.

“There is a couple of sections with logs and then a big long rock section, which is what everyone is having a bit of trouble with, because on the night it is going to be filled with water.”

Although the local boys will be on their home turf, they won’t have the upper hand on the track because they only had their first crack at it yesterday.

“We’ve got another one or two days practices and on Saturday morning that’s it - we just get straight into qualifying,” he said.

Dargel will join three other Rockhampton competitors Brendon Swaffield, Zak Newsome and Simon Thompson.

Newsome has had an injury free and fast year, and is expected to match the competition.

Dargel will compete in the Pro/Expert Lites against the likes of Poland’s Taddy Blazusiak and Bartosz Oblucki and former off-road champion, Chris Hollis.

And the local boys will have their work cut out for them with the Blazusiak already winning the United States 2009 Enduro Cross crown and is leading the European Enduro Cross series.

But this doesn’t pinch a nerve of the local boys, with Dargel saying the boys are excited to get out and race against the high profile riders.

“I am really looking forward to it and I would love to get a win,” Dargel said.

Extreme Stadium Enduro X kicks off tomorrow at The Caves Showgrounds with qualifying at 1pm and finals at 6.30pm.

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