Harmsworth considers hockey career

THERE is something about that Harmsworth family.

Rockhampton's Todd Harmsworth is nicking the heels of his brother, Aaron, as he follows his path of success in hockey.

The local talent has been selected to represent Queensland at the Australian Open Men's Hockey championship, in Tamworth.

But that's only the beginning.

Harmsworth has also been selected to play in Fiji for the under 21 Australian Country team in December.

And although Harmsworth has been playing hockey since he was five, he has only now considered it as a career.

“I always love to play, but the thought of doing it professionally only pretty much started this year when I made the Australian Open side,” he said.

“We are confident about it, but we are also getting nervous for sure.”

Harmsworth has made himself known in the local Wanderers' team, with his brother Aaron coaching the team. Aaron who was also selected to represent Queensland, was unable to make the commitment with his brother.

He said Todd's hard work and effort was what earned him selection.

“It is rewarding for him as he put in a lot of extra effort and he was the hardest trainer in our club,” he said.

Aaron said that coaching his brother has its pros and cons, but hockey is a family-orientated sport.

“Next year I hope the both of us can go, moving on it would be good to go with him.”

But the two boys weren't the only ones showing what the Rockhampton people are made out of.

Brooke Andrews stands proud as the only Rockhampton girl to represent Queensland in the Under 15 Girls' Hockey Championship, despite Queensland losing in the final on the weekend by 6-1.

The Round Robin tournament had Queensland 3-0 down by the end of the first half against NSW.

Brooke said that although they lost she knew the team would learn from their mistakes.

“Yeah, we were really upset, but we really tried our hardest and hopefully next year we will pick it up.

“I think we got excited too early and used up our energy.”

Andrews said despite everything she was still very happy that she had the chance to represent Queensland.

“The game was good and I am still very proud,” she added.

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