ROAD RAGE: Man takes fury out on pregnant woman

A PROTECTIVE father with a propensity for violent crime has been sentenced to a six-month suspended term of imprisonment.

Troy Conrad Thompson, 47, pleaded guilty to common assault in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday after he unleashed his road rage on a pregnant woman.

The court was told on September 26 about 10.50am, Thompson and his eight-year-old son were riding their bikes down Dawson Highway after a morning watching Captain Underpants at the Gladstone Cinemas.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said during the ride home, Thompson's son was almost hit by a passing car.

Minutes after the traumatic close call, Thompson spotted the same car leaving KFC and reacted instantly.

"On that day, he almost lost his son," Mr Pepito said.

"It was a knee-jerk reaction."

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Balan Selvadurai said Thompson began yelling at the driver, who continued driving.

At a set of red traffic lights, Thompson confronted the driver.

The court was told he put both his hands on the driver's side of the victim's car and leant inside.

"The victim pushed him out ... she used her legs to get him out," Sen-Constable Selvadurai said.

In the struggle, Thompson, who was swinging his arms, "struck" the 16-week-pregnant woman.

The court was told the victim suffered bruising to her right eye and cuts on her face from her smashed glasses and was taken to Gladstone Hospital after 000 was called.

"There was no distress to the unborn child," Sen-Constable Selvadurai said.

He said Thompson originally told police the woman had got out of the car and punched him during the altercation, but three witnesses to the violence corroborated the victim's story.

"It's akin to road rage. The defendant has a propensity for violence," Sen-Constable Selvadurai said.

Mr Pepito said his client admitted he should have simply taken down the victim's car's registration number rather than reacting the way he did in the moment.

"He didn't realise she was pregnant as she was sitting down at the time," he said.

"He wants to apologise to her but can't due to the no contact condition."

Thompson was on a suspended term of imprisonment (three months suspended for three years) for assault occasioning bodily harm and another offence.

"He said he knows he needs to do something about his behaviour," Mr Pepito said.

Magistrate Melanie Ho said the violent offence could be "classified as road rage" and activated his suspended term of imprisonment (with immediate parole release).

Thompson was sentenced to six months imprisonment with immediate parole release.

A conviction was recorded.

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