Road toll second lowest on record

THE 2011 Queensland preliminary road toll is 269 - 20 more deaths than 2010, but 52 less than the previous five-year-average.

The preliminary road fatality rate is 5.87 fatalities per 100,000 population - slightly higher than the lowest rate of 5.53, which was recorded in 2010. The greatest was 32.1 in 1973.

Deputy Commissioner (Specialist Operations) Ian Stewart said that although every death on Queensland roads is one too many, it is pleasing to report that the preliminary road toll for 2011 is the second lowest annual road toll since accurate records began in 1952.

"Reducing road trauma is a huge challenge for the Queensland Police. We remain committed to working with key government agencies and road safety professionals to develop strategies to lower the road toll each year," Deputy Commissioner Stewart said.

The "fatal four" factors continue to make up a large portion of Queensland's road toll, with speed accounting for 18% of the 2011 preliminary road toll, drink driving accounting for 16%, fatigue accounting for 14% and not wearing seatbelts accounting for 13%.

The biggest contributing factors to road fatalities in Queensland last year were illegal manoeuvers, which accounted for approximately 25%.

"I urge everyone on our roads to get serious about road safety and decrease their chance of becoming a statistic by simply obeying the road rules, driving safe vehicles at safe speeds and to generally have a safer attitude when on the roads," Deputy Commissioner Stewart said.

Crashes resulting in multiple fatalities have increased significantly compared to 2010, with 31 of last year's fatal crashes resulting in 75 fatalities.

"During 2010, there were 12 fatal crashes that result in multiple fatalities. To have the number nearly triple in 2011 is very disappointing."

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