Roaming dogs maul pet to death

Police and animal management officers speak to residents Marilou Mortensen and Robyn Watson at the scene where two dogs mauled a family cat to death.
Police and animal management officers speak to residents Marilou Mortensen and Robyn Watson at the scene where two dogs mauled a family cat to death. Sarah Harvey

A PET cat was mauled to death by two roaming dogs in its own front yard in Ipswich at the weekend, sparking calls for pet owners to keep their animals contained.

The cat was in the front yard of a Flinders View home at Crowley St at 11am on Saturday when two Staffordshire Bull Terrier-cross dogs entered the yard.

The dogs grabbed the cat around the throat as the cat's owners desperately tried to fight them off with a broom.

Marilou Mortensen wedged the broom between the dogs in an attempt to bring the attack to an end, but it was too late for her beloved 15-year-old tabby, Spinner.

Ms Mortensen caught and detained one of the dogs, which was seized by pound officers.

Ms Mortensen told The Queensland Times the dogs looked like they wanted to "mince" the cats.

"I was on the phone looking out of the window and saw these two dogs playing in the street," Ms Mortensen said.

"Then I heard a meow and saw the brown dog had grabbed our black cat by the throat.

"The white dog tried to grab the other cat too. I think they both wanted to mince them.

"They wouldn't let up and wouldn't stop for anything. When we got them off the cat, he was dying, and our other cat ran away."

Multiple police crews attended to search for the other dog for about two hours.

The cat's other owner, Robyn Watson, told the QT she thought she recognised the dogs.

"I think I have seen them in the street before but they're usually on a leash," Ms Watson said.

"I hope they catch the other one and put both of them down. The owner should be punished and go to jail for this.

"My friend said to call the vet but I knew there was nothing we could do for him."

Ms Mortensen said she would bury Spinner under the tree where she used to feed him.

Health and Regulation Committee chairman Andrew Antoniolli said some breeds of dogs needed to be around people.

"When they're bored and lonely they'll roam and find something else to do," Cr Antoniolli said.

"The bull-terrier type of dog needs to be properly socialised and when people aren't around they can be unpredictable."

Cr Antoniolli said the seized dog was microchipped and the priority was to find the second dog and locate the owners.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty reminded pet owners to keep their dogs contained at all times.

Ipswich City Council is investigating and has not decided what to do with the dogs.

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