Heights don't bother Rob Stringer - he lives them

Rob Stringer
Rob Stringer Chris Ison

FROM climbing trees as a child to swinging off buildings for a living, Rob Stringer has a highly demanding job.

As owner and operator of Rockhampton's High Point Access and Rescue, Rob spends most of his days over 200m high hanging from a number of ropes and a harness… but that's the way he likes it.

Rob, 46, said he had always had an interest in climbing things.

"I've always had a passion for climbing, ever since I was little, and it's just something I've always enjoyed," he said.

"I don't have a fear of heights, more so an appreciation of the heights that I climb and the risk that height poses.

"I was part of a rescue team at Callide Power Station for a number of years, then I saw an avenue for rope access in the industry and decided to start my own business.

"We do a lot of work inspecting and maintaining the regional power stations. I'll abseil into a position and do the work inside the station from there.

"The highest building I've probably climbed was the Q1 building in the Gold Coast, which is about 260m from the foyer to the roof, and some of the chimneys we have at the power stations are around 230m.

"There's definitely no room for error in this line of work which is what I love about it because you have to be on the ball the whole time. It calls for a great level of attention to detail."

And with 12 years' experience in professional rope access and climbing, it's no wonder Rob has earned himself a reputation.

Over the weekend, more than 55 members from the Australian Ropes Access Association and a number of international guests from Singapore and the USA will attend a technical ropes workshop at High Point Access and Rescue.

Rob said there was no other place in Australia, outside of manufacturers, with the type of facilities on offer at the High Point Access and Rescue site.

"This weekend we have people coming to learn new techniques and educate themselves on the techniques we've developed in the company," he said.

"We've got the facility here to do a lot of testing so we'll be challenging those theories and making sure they actually work so users of the equipment are trained and confident."

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